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USCorp Updates Gold and Silver Mineralization at Twin Peaks Gold Property.

LAS VEGAS -- USCorp (OTCBB:USCS) announced today it has received a description of the mineralization trends on its Twin Peaks property in Yavapai County, Arizona.

Geological Support Services has been supervising a geochemical sampling program and the ongoing drilling program of precious metal values at the Twin Peaks project. The geochem sampling and drilling programs are part of ongoing testing of the NITON pXRF in conjunction with certain State and Federal agencies. Results from the NITON pXRF are being crosschecked by independent certified assay labs.

Geological Support Services submitted the following description to USCorp: "The Quartz dike of the Hayes Extension is a high angled, East West trending quartz vein of varying thickness (2-10 meters) and high metal values, especially silver. It is exposed at the surface for nearly a half mile. The westernmost exposure is terminated at the site of the old Hayes mine shaft where sampling of the hanging wall has yielded 2700 ppm silver (2700 gm/ton, or 74 ounces/ton silver). No further exposure or continuation has been found to the West.

"Using new satellite imaging the Hayes fault is seen to extend for a considerable distance in both directions although there is no surface outcrop of the vein. The west lateral displacement of nearly 100 meters is very evident. Using these satellite photos and GPS triangulation a series of drill targets were established to determine if the ore body continued with the fault and if it could be located beneath the alluviums. An angle hole, DHRC 6, was drilled across the believed structure. It entered a quartz structure at 35 feet depth and exited into parent granite between 50 and 55 feet. Tests with the NITON pXRF onsite gave preliminary results of up to 22.5 ppm gold (22.5 gm/ton, or 2/3 oz /ton gold). A second drill hole was then plotted on a vertical to intersect the area of high values.

"Hole DHRC 7 was drilled at this location. It intersected the quartz vein after 35 feet of alluviums and continued in it to 99 feet, the total depth of hole, with values ranging from 13 gm/ton to 70 gm/ton (approximately 1/3 ounce/ton to just over 2 ounces/ton gold) readings from samples using the NITON pXRF. It is important to note that the NITON pXRF will not measure below .10 ounces/ton gold.

"What this has done is establish the existence of the quartz dike 1/4 mile farther west than its last known extension. With infill drilling there should be an increase in the resource base commensurate with that extra 1/4 mile. Further drilling to the west in the hopes of proving the trend out to 1 mile is recommended. However, this would be a future program as roads will need to be built in the target area. The goal of the Phase Two drilling program is to prove the eastward extension of the dike."

As previously reported, samples taken from the reverse circulation drilling and tested with the NITON pXRF will be crosschecked by certified labs ALS Chemex and SGS for confirmation of the above preliminary field test results. USCorp will be reporting additional preliminary results as Phase Two drilling continues and will report detailed results as soon as the certified lab tests are received by the Company.

For further information contact Beverly Jedynak, 312-943-1100 ext. 112; or visit USCorp's web site

About USCorp

USCorp is a public company that trades on the Over The Counter Bulletin Board under the symbol USCS. USCorp has two mineral exploration projects in the United States: The gold and silver Twin Peaks project located in Yavapai County, Arizona, and the gold Picacho Salton project located in Imperial County, California. USCorp's NI 43-101 compliant Technical Reports and Feasibility Studies are available on their web site at

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Date:Oct 2, 2008
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