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USB-based modules.

The Series KUSB-3100 consists of five multifunction modules. The KUSB-3100 and KUSB-3102 feature 12-b resolution and sampling rates of 40 kS/s and 100kS/s, respectively. The KUSB-3108 and KUSB-3116 modules have 16-b resolution and 50-kS/s and 500-kS/s sampling speeds, respectively. These multifunction modules offer eight to 16 analog input channels, up to four analog output channels, 16 to 33 digital I/O lines, and up to five counter/timer inputs. The KUSB-3160 is a multipoint digital I/O module with 96 digital lines for monitoring or controlling high channel-count applications. KUSB-3100: $349; KUSB-3102: $685; KUSB-3108: $1,045; KUSB-3116: $2,495; KUSB-3160: $695. Keithley Instruments,


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Date:Jul 1, 2005
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