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USAIC&FH Task Force modularity MTT mission.

The U.S. Army Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca (USAIC&FH) and the 111th Military Intelligence (MI) Brigade are increasing the Intelligence battlefield operating system (BOS) mobile training team (MTT) capability to bring trainers to units undergoing transformation.

The mission of the Task Force Modular Force (TF MOD) MTT is to provide specifically tailored intelligence training to members of the force in order to increase the abilities of the brigade combat team (BCT) intelligence officers and battalion S2s to perform effectively as an intelligence section. The TF MOD MTT provides an overview to a BCT or battalion staff on recommended usage of their intelligence assets. The unit leadership will receive recommendations on the "how and why" to employ their intelligence assets to gain maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Based on intelligence mission requirements and asset availability, the MTT will develop and train scenario-based recommendations on equipment use to achieve the greatest intelligence value from organic assets The TF MOD organization is a subset of a larger organization positioned under the cloak of the Special Purpose Training Organization (SPTO).

Under a federated effort, the SPTO works closely with internal 111th MI Brigade trainers and other Intelligence BOS MTT elements external to USAIC&FH. This collaborative effort produces an increased Intelligence BOS training capability to the field enabling the training of more units in a shorter amount of time.

Intelligence BOS MTTs that fall under the SPTO include the specialized integration of intelligence equipment and sensors (e.g., Prophet, ground surveillance radar [GSR], All-Source Analysis System [ASAS (ASAS Master Analyst Course or AMAC)], etc.). They also include administrative training on current foreign disclosure policies and other guidance to U.S. Army agencies such as the Functional Disclosure Certification Course (FDCC), Information Systems Security Monitoring (ISSM), and contemporary operating environment (COE) training.

The TF MOD MTT exports to the unit the following instructional capabilities:

[] Internal and external subject matter experts (SMEs) from other Intelligence BOS MTTs.

[] Tactical human intelligence (HUMINT) trains both counterintelligence (CI) and HUMINT MI personnel in the skills and knowledge required to plan, prepare, and execute tactical HUMINT missions during combat, stability operations, and support operations in both rural and urban environments.

[] Tactical questioning (TQ) trains non-MI personnel in the skills and knowledge required to perform basic questioning techniques and reporting procedures in order to enhance the commander's ongoing HUMINT collection mission at the tactical level, putting "feet" to the concept of "Every Soldier is a Sensor" (ES2).

[] Intelligence support to counter terrorism (ISCT) trains analyst (96B) and interrogator (97E) personnel in both advanced analytic and interrogation skills necessary for combating the threat associated with the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT).

[] HUMINT management train selected MI personnel (battalion through BCT S2s) and operational management team (OMT) personnel in tactical HUMINT operations that provides the skills and knowledge required for an OMT, and the employment and management of information collected by HUMINT collection teams (HCTs) during combat as well as stability operations and support operations.

This training is critical in order to enhance ongoing HUMINT collection efforts at the battalion and BCT levels. Finally, the 111th MI Brigade deploys the Stryker brigade combat team (SBCT) MTT elements to designated transforming units. SBCT MTT training focuses on the SBCT intelligence organization, equipment, architecture, and operational concepts in order to establish a baseline competency among SBCT leaders and soldiers enabling them to execute SBCT intelligence operations in support of the brigade.

The USAIC&FH and 111th MI Brigade MTT vision is to build a team consisting of permanent contractors and MI soldiers returning from Operations ENDURING FREEDOM (OEF) and IRAQI FREEDOM (OIF). USAIC&FH is collaborating with the U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) to identify MI soldiers with critical skills for temporary assignment to the 111th MI Brigade for a period of four to six months as part of the TF MOD MTT team.

The TF MOD MTT works in conjunction with the New Systems Training Integration Office (NSTIO), U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) System Managers (TSMs), and Program Managers when fielding systems or any Intelligence BOS. The MTT will also work closely with any new equipment training team (NETT) or other MTT to conduct military occupational specialty (MOS) training, system fielding training, or any other training that units may require when deploying in support of the GWOT.

One of the crucial elements of mobile training is to maintain close and continuous coordination with warfighting units to ensure emerging operational intelligence support requirements are met. As such, we are charged with the development and coordination of all mobile training aspects and actions, which include reviewing and assisting transforming Units of Action (UAs) and Units of Employment (UEs), conducting after-action reviews (AARs), and implementing lessons learned of those deployed units.

TF MOD MTT works in conjunction with TSMs, NSTIO, U.S. Army Communications-Electronic Command (CECOM), and the appropriate system Program Managers to coordinate and synchronize training concepts, requirements, and system architectures. We can then provide tailored intelligence training in exportable packages to individuals or units of the Intelligence BOS, enhancing their capabilities by increasing their abilities to perform effectively as BCT and battalion S2s.

In addition, the TF MOD MTT offers training to U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) and U.S. Army National Guard (ARNG) units. Priority will be for those units who will deploy to OEF and OIF within the next 18 months. All units interested in receiving training need to contact the USAIC&FH Special Purpose Operations Officer and ask to speak to the USAIC&FH MTT USAR and ARNG liaison officer.

Our end state focuses on the fact that we will not win the GWOT using conventional training methods, but rather by the soldiers on the ground that had quality, relevant, accurate, timely, and actionable intelligence training. This clearly is not a war for which the Army is structured, since our previous training methods are not meeting the requirement to prepare soldiers on the ground for the current threat. It is an asymmetric training endeavor where out-of-the-box thinking must be standard in order to meet the needs of the soldier on today's battlefield. It is the singular key to winning the GWOT, and this type of mobile training will provide Army leaders the facts, assessments, and insight to successfully guide and win this campaign.

The goal of the TF MOD MTT is to build a cohesive team of highly trained, dedicated, permanent contractors coupled with selected MI soldiers from FORSCOM units with recent OIF or OEF experience. (See Figure 1 for MTT points of contact; contact the author or Mr. Hargis for more information.) This teaming effort will provide the MTT with stability and first-hand knowledge of the current mission and real-world application. The ability to continually shift the training focus and train outside the conventional training box is a training multiplier that will provide quality intelligence soldiers skilled in the operation of their equipment and current mission requirements.

Figure 1. USAIC&FH MTT Staff Coordination Cell Points of Contact

Officer in Charge--Major Scott McDeed

(520) 533-3165 or DSN 821-3165

USAIC&FH MTT Coordinator--Mr. Arthur Vigil

(520) 533-5903 or 821-5903

HUMINT Ops-O--Mr. Tim Johnson

(520) 520 -533-0013 or DSN 821-0013

Special Purpose Ops-O-Mr. Bill Hargis

(520) 533-1994 or DSN 821-1994

Instructor Ops-O TF MOD--Mr. Burke Masterson

(520) 533-1704 or DSN 821-1704

SBCT Ops-O--Mr. Tommy Simpson

(520) 533-5561 or DSN 821-5561

ISCT/CA Ops-O--Mr. Keith Hall

(520) 533-7977 or DSN 821-7977

Burke Masterson (Sergeant First Class, U.S. Army, Retired) is currently a contract Operations Officer with the Task Force (TF MOD) Mobile Training Team (MTT). Readers may contact him via E-mail at and telephonically at (520) 533-1704 or DSN 821-1704.

Major Scott McDeed is currently the USAIC&FH MTT Officer in Charge. Readers can contact him via E-mail at and by telephone at (520) 533-3165 or DSN 821-3165.
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Title Annotation:U.S. Army Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca, mobile training team
Author:Masterson, Burke A.; McDeed, Scott L.
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Date:Oct 1, 2004
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