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USA is doomed to break apart.

The United States is heading down a path to dissolution and collapse, according to an analysis by Hossain Taeb, a cleric who heads the Pasdaran's Intelligence Unit.

The prediction is not a new one, however. Shortly after the revolution, the regime began predicting the collapse of both the United States and the Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union actually did collapse a decade later, many in the regime began actually to believe that the United States would have the same fate. Just as the Soviet Union broke up into its 16 constituent Republics, many in the regime began saying the United States would break up into 50 independent states.

Few have ever noted that the Soviet Union's 16 parts were ethnically based with different national languages while the US states are comprised of people who speak the same language and move back and forth among states.

Taeb said last month that the only chance for the US to survive was Iran. If President Obama's administration fails to follow Iran's lead, his country is destined for failure--not just in the Middle East, but also closer to home. Taeb proclaimed.

The view of the United States breaking up even cropped up as an issue in the 2009 presidential race, when President Mahmud Ahmadi-nejad was running for re-election. One of his opponents, Mir-Hossain Musavi, ridiculed Ahmadi-nejad for talking that way. "For the past four years, we have been hearing that Israel is collapsing, that France is collapsing, that the US is collapsing," said Musavi. "Well, this is how we set our foreign policy! No wonder we're going in the wrong direction; no wonder we make mistakes."

Last September, Vatan-e Emruz, a hardline daily, noted a movement in Texas calling for the state to secede from the United States as clear evidence of an imminent US collapse. "The election of Hillary Clinton or another Democrat in 2016 will result in the break-up of the United States," the paper said. (A total of 125,000 Texans have signed a secession petition. That is one-half of 1 percent of the state's population, not exactly a majority.)

Not all the officials of the Islamic Republic who see collapse in the offing believe it is that imminent. "The national debt of America is so big that the country will not be able to repay it for the next 10 generations," General Mohammad-Hossain Sepehr, the deputy representative of the Supreme Leader to the Revolutionary Guards, announced last year. "The United States will certainly collapse by 2030."

Indeed, the US debt recently passed 100 percent of gross domestic product and is quite high. However, 31 other countries have high debt ratios, including Ger many at 146 percent, Switzerland at 229 percent, the Netherlands at 316 percent, and Singapore at 408 percent.

Hardliners cite the US national debt as proof that the country is heading for disaster. Journalists and analysts have written extensively on the topic, not only in newspapers, but also contributing to anthologies on the theme, including in a book entitled "The Death of the Satan Is Nigh." But they ignore the multitude of other countries with even higher proportions of indebtedness.

IranWire recently commented, "Often the trend of talking about an impending American collapse is expressed in language usually reserved for end-of-times soothsaying about the arrival of the Shia Messiah, the Twelfth Imam."

It noted that such doom-sayers "receive ample airtime" on state broadcasting in Iran--so much so that "even some hardliners have complained about being over-saturated with the theory."

The looming collapse theoreticians got a boost in 2011 from the Occupy Wall Street movement. "This movement is going to sprout such strong roots in the future that it is going to bring down the American and the Western capitalist system," Supreme Leader Ali Khamenehi said at the height of the movement. He reiterated this belief long after the movement had faded out. In fact, the Iranian media often talks about Occupy Wall Street as if it were still sprouting on street corners all over America.

Khamenehi predicted the end of America long ago. "This infernal power is not going to survive," Khamenehi said in 2000. But he has been careful not to attach a finite date on the collapse, perhaps signaling some doubt, even as he said flatly last year that Israel would be gone in 25 years.

One opponent of the American collapse theory has been Adel Peyghami, a professor at the conservative Imam Sadeq University. "TV highlights American debts and announces that America could collapse at any moment," he said in early 2015. "But the American debt is a sign of its power."
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