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USA Wrestling Announces Partnership with EarSplintz Cauliflower Ear Prevention and Management.

Colorado Springs, CO, May 27, 2019 --( USA Wrestling is proud to announce that EarSplintz will be an official sponsor through the 2021 season. The sponsorship designates EarSplintz as an Official Cauliflower Ear Prevention sponsor for USA Wrestling.

With EarSplintz, consumers now can purchase the same products doctors use to treat ear injuries caused through grappling sports. The EarSplintz cauliflower ear compression splint kit is a great tool used by athletes and doctors to protect ears from fluid accumulation.

With the help of EarSplintz, athletes and coaches can create near perfect molds of their own ears to prevent ear injury. The Cauliflower Ear Compression Splint can even be used for post-training pain. Molds are custom fit to the individual's ear to deliver light, even pressure to prevent cauliflower ear from forming. EarSplintz can be used any time there is ear pain, and can even be placed in the freezer to use as a cold compress after training.

Backed by over 30 years of medical studies, the science of the EarSplintz compression system is the only option that allows custom prevention and treatment to anyone who wants to avoid cauliflower ear for themselves or their children.

What is Cauliflower Ear? Why is it an issue for athletes?

According to The Journal of Athletic Training: "Wrestler's ear, an acute hematoma of the external ear, is commonly associated with wrestlers and other athletes who engage in contact sports. It may occur even when protective ear guards are being used. The syndrome is frequently difficult to treat adequately because of patient noncompliance. The necessary post aspiration compression dressing is time-consuming to apply, often impossible to replace accurately, and frequently is an embarrassment to the patient. Commonly, its use is discontinued early; therefore, recurrence of the hematoma results."

What happens when Cauliflower Ear injuries are sustained?

The front and back cartilage separate and fill with blood before hardening.

Why is this important?

Unlike a normal bruise where the clotted blood has somewhere to go, the blood in the ear has no escape, so it hardens exactly where it is and then becomes a permanent deformity.

What are the long term consequences of Cauliflower Ear injuries?

The consequences of fully formed cauliflower ear range from simply having deformed ears (considered cool by some, but those working in a professional setting see it as too ugly/distracting for clients to see.) They cause trouble using headphones, loss of hearing, and the outer edge of the ear can even fold over and die! The one common consequence for all who experience cauliflower ear is pain. Pain when you roll, pain when you don't, pain that can keep you awake all night.

About EarSplintz

EarSplintz is the only cauliflower ear prevention device whose system is backed by multiple studies published over the last 27 years. EarSplintz allows you to make a mold of your ears before you get cauliflower ear in under 5 minutes. This mold can now be used as often as needed like a retainer to keep an athletes ears compressed, which prevents the ears from accumulating liquid thus preventing cauliflower ear. For more info about EarSplintz cauliflower ear prevention, go to And follow us on social media at &

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Date:May 27, 2019
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