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Articles from USA Today (Magazine) (June 1, 2014)

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Administration provides efficiency standards. 325
Anyone who ever has worked in a laboratory has seen them: magnetic stirrers that rotate magnetic stir bars in liquids to mix them. Brief article 111
Astronomers have developed a new type of camera that allows scientists to take sharper images of the night sky than ever before. Brief article 105
Biomass fuel needs to deoxify. 405
Creating the holy grail of magnetic imaging. 427
Death by asexuality: a path for mutations. 562
Deserts swallow more carbon than forests. Brief article 246
Diamonds are a computer's best friend. Brief article 245
Does dinosaur skeleton confirm Bible story? Brief article 221
Dried-out leaf hints of global warming. 387
Earth's orbit plays a big part. Brief article 253
Earth-sized planet found in habitable zone. Brief article 311
Ecological change: cultivating resilience. 531
Expanded Franklin Institute opens. 521
Finding reveals "edits" in genetic information. Brief article 287
Harnessing the sun's energy for use at night. 354
How neurons get wired. Brief article 282
Image boost for TVs, computers, and phones. 355
Keep your eyes peeled for the next 50 years. 709
Microbes rule in an underground desert. 643
Mighty mini mite found on campus. 432
Misleading mineral overestimates water. 426
Mismeasuring world growth for 80 years. 524
No, it is not a trendy sports drink. Brief article 171
Obama hopes to STEM the tide of mediocrity. Brief article 277
Open ocean fish farms on the horizon? 882
Pollen vortex II may be on the way. 406
Robots search seafloor for new forms of life. Brief article 282
Scientists are reporting development and successful lab tests on the first potential drug to pack a lethal one-two punch against melanoma skin cancer cells. Brief article 114
Secondhand smoke more harmful to obese. Brief article 232
Soviet mindset infects U.S. government agencies: feds all to Lysenkoism. Emord, Jonathan W. 655
The eyes of Texas are upon a distant galaxy. 498
The making of Antarctica's Fjords. 427
They're about way more than just the flu. Brief article 296
Timing is key to knocking out cancer. 389
Tracking the ravages of time in paintings. 482
Using the same devious mechanism that enables some bacteria to shrug off powerful antibiotics, scientists have developed solar-powered nanofilters that remove antibiotics from the water in lakes and rivers twice as efficiently as the best existing technology, maintains a report in the journal NanoLetters. Brief article 107
Verifying authenticity and rooting out fakes. Brief article 225
Watermelon relieves post-exercise soreness. Brief article 164
Where's the B12? In the meat. 350
You've got to "hand" it to Homo Erectus. 429

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