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Articles from USA Today (Magazine) (July 1, 2014)

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"Billy the Kid" Denehy rages on: one pitch to Willie Mays changed everything. Denehy, Bill 1944
2014's Top 10 Best Cities for Kids. Brief article 226
A sun spot disappearing act. 366
America's former empire of wealth. Gordon, John Steele 3399
Another failed war? About 60% of cancers are preventable. Riczo, Steve 2031
Be well during summer escapades. Brief article 278
Breastfeeding gets its own month. Buyers guide 626
Cyber snoopers want it both ways. 287
Do black panthers really have leopard spots? Miller, Jonathan R. 1667
Do not just throw your hands in the air. 355
Dream a little dream for me. Brief article 256
Energy Star program adds clothes dryers. Brief article 319
Family summertime protection. Brief article 314
First Lady food fight. Emord, Jonathan W. 872
Fleshing out greatness. 939
Friday night fights: are the Three Scrooges--nagging, whining, and complaining--to blame for husband withdrawal? Turndorf, Jamie 1532
Hands-, battery-, and wire-free car calls. 295
Have camera will travel--with Hudson. Product/service evaluation 228
Hey, how about that new pope?! Puterbaugh, Dolores T. 2138
How the west is being lost. Pendley, William Perry 2240
HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton. Fischer, Raymond L. Book review 1401
Keep your green during the green season. Tyson, Eric 1422
L.A. gets a quick fix. Barrett, Wayne M. 604
Looking for comedy under "P". Gehring, Wes D. 799
Marine park shows fall out of public favor. 373
New ObamaCare endgame: the VA for all. 731
New Yorkers in a world of their own. 761
Niqab's modest opportunity. Sydenham, Claire 978
No Planet X to mark the spot: the elusive Planet X has yet to be found, but astronomers have "spotted a veritable treasure trove of new celestial objects, consisting of a host of sparkling stars and relatively cool substellar objects called brown dwarfs....". Braffman-Miller, Judith 1395
No stopping fossil fuels. Kumar, Supriya 1364
ObamaCare: if you like your life, you may not get to keep it. 704
Partisan media drives wedge between citizens. 425
Queen of Wien hails the corn dog. Brief article 290
Resolving ObamaCare: the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act remains a work in progress, but when will any real progress be shown? Garner, John C. 1624
Rte. 180 a rough road indeed. Puterbaugh, Dolores T. 1059
Show off those pearly whites. 370
Stigmatize this! Vatz, Richard E. 1139
Substitutes for toxic flame retardants. Brief article 171
The (delightful?) danger of deadly sports. Ferguson, Dave List 1323
The annual buzz on bee pollination. Brief article 255
The culture of intolerance. Bresler, Robert J. 1026
The pressure's on to check your tires. Brief article 296
VA bureaucrats to America: you're next: the Veterans Administration scandal provides "a portent of what is to come for American families under ObamaCare when its full impact hits after the 2016 elections....". Vliet, Elizabeth Lee 1165
Want to live? You now have a right to try. Brief article 294
Wash it clean with no detergents. Brief article 217
Ways to avoid meltdown mode. Cortes, Ivana 1534
You can kill the dreamer, but not the dream. Book review 559
You have to "see" this game to believe it. Grey, Andrew 1686

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