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Articles from USA Today (Magazine) (November 1, 2003)

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"Misunderestimating" the war against terrorism. Howell, Llewellyn D. 949
"The Greek" invades Italy and Spain: the artist Domenikos Theotokopoulos--El Greco--introduced "such an extravagant style that to this day nothing has been seen to equal it, " noted 17th-century writer Jose Martinez. "Attempting to discuss it would confuse the soundest minds". 1112
Active stories. Brief Article 166
Affirmative action: the court muddies the waters. Bresler, Robert J. 1011
All dolled up. Brief Article 140
All-star return. 378
Amber clarification. Correction Notice 103
Battle of the bulge has its own legs. 376
Bosses to workers: lose the flip-flops. 475
Building a DVD library--the Paramount way: almost two dozen Academy Award winners, literary adaptations, comedies, crime films, sports movies, and musicals can provide hours of entertainment during the coming winter months. Rothenberg, Robert S. 3349
Can the U.S. continue to flex its economic muscles? Are burgeoning budget deficits, national security overruns, burdensome government regulations, Medicare funding woes, and stiff global competition endangering America's powerhouse status? Weidenbaum, Murray L. 3035
Celebrating 100 years of flight: a wealth of previously unexhibited aeronautic articrafts is traveling around the country to commemorate the century of technological advances that have unfolded since Orville and Wilbur Wright changed the world of transportation forever. 1591
Celebrating your own special way. Brief Article 168
Celebrity journalism and politics. Saltzman, Joe 999
Challenging the prison industrial complex: "as states fail to fund health care, welfare, education, and transportation ... the continued growth in corrections spending is extraordinarily stark.". Herzing, Rachel; Burch, Melissa 1303
Christmas clean. Brief Article 249
Cuddle up. Brief Article 263
Deflating the world's bubble economy: "unless the damaging trends that have been set in motion are reversed quickly, we could see vast numbers of environmental refugees abandoning areas scarred by depleted aquifers and exhausted soils....". Brown, Lester R. 2513
Dino-mite. Brief Article 280
Elegance prevails. Brief Article 290
Excessive awareness is driving us nuts. Kreyche, Gerald F. Editorial 1089
Feet over facials for spa-going men. Brief Article 273
Funding school choice programs: "... vouchers or tax credits ... not only will give children access ti better education, [they] will unleast the power of constructive competition that will lead to dramatically improved outcomes in the future.". Salisbury, David F. 2103
Glue and go. Brief Article 229
Go in the snow. 383
Go to the hoop. Brief Article 285
Green Cathedrals: the windup. Barrett, Wayne M. 1082
Home shopping bliss. 550
If the shoe fits. 326
Is there sex after cancer? Patients must focus on the power of love and understanding, rather than the actual mechanics of lovemaking, to enjoy a life of intimacy once again. Schover, Leslie R. 2825
It all "adds" up: TV commercials of the future: "with pressure from [digital video recorders], advertisers and ad agencies searching for something to replace the 30-second commercial are utilizing placement with a vengeance, especially in game, reality, ad lifestyle programs.". Fischer, Raymond L. 2705
It's tougher for women to give up cigarettes. Brief Article 131
Job prospects tight this season. 548
Job satisfaction linked to flexible schedules. 333
Keeping family pets safe for the holidays. 610
Leap of faith. 316
Lets get creative. 582
Making mothers count: the fiscal value of nurturing. Maschka, Kristin 2076
Mattel magic. 428
Museum memo. Brief Article 173
Open Heart: A Patient's Story of Life-Saving Medicine and Life-Giving Friendship. Kellman, Steven G. Book Review 433
Philip Guston: abstract expressionism's provocative pioneer and ultimate critic. 1013
Popping the questions not taboo for ladies. Brief Article 150
Radica rates. Brief Article 134
Silver screen smoking is on the rise. Brief Article 201
Small patches. 427
Soft toss. Brief Article 236
Squash blox builders. Brief Article 161
Stuffing more than the Turkey. 524
Success is a feeling, not a possession. Brief Article 336
Technology will have to keep us cool. Brief Article 140
The fall of Napoleon and the rise of Romanticism. 972
The gears of a clown. Gehring, Wes D. 945
Think fun. Brief Article 149
Tilt! 332
Time to capitalize on the ultimate super shelter. Schnepper, Jeff A. 1000
Toy heaven. 379
Use your head. Product/Service Evaluation 356
V-Riffic. Product/Service Evaluation 461
We got the beat. 374
Weighing in. Brief Article 297
When the punishment doesn't fit the crime: "... federal penitentiaries are filled with relatively minor offenders ... [who] sit in prison, not because their punishment is morally deserved or achieves some social goal like crime deterrence, but because the guidelines have shifted punishment authority to prosecutors and have converted federal trial judges into rubber-stamp bureaucrats.". Luna, Erik 3923
Winged messengers: does habitat loss signal biodiversity's death knell? Destruction of ecological living spaces is the greatest threat to the survival and preservation of the globe's wide array of animal and plant species. Youth, Howard 2284
Women in the workplace--the unfinished revolution: "society has not focused on the need to provide alternative types of care, particularly for children and the elderly, during the time that caregivers are employed.". Strober, Myra H. 1654
Wrap it up! Brief Article 216

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