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Articles from USA Today (Magazine) (July 1, 2003)

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"Eggs for sale": the latest controversy in reproductive technology: couples are paying lofty fees to egg donors with the perfect combination of brains and beauty. (Life in America). Blackley, Michelle 2646
After Iraq, whither the American left? (State of the Nation). Bresler, Robert J. Editorial 1005
Analyzing the Bush savings proposals. (Economic Observer). Schnepper, Jeff A. 975
Bad lunch behavior can help lose clients. (Your Life). Brief Article 304
Banning smoking is good for public health. (Your Life). 576
Bright, but no bite. (What's New?). Brief Article 277
Building a DVD Library--the MGM way: Oscar winners, drama, comedy, westerns, and a handful of British films combine to delight movie buffs. (Entertainment). Rothenberg, Robert S. Bibliography 4114
Bush's Brain. Kreyche, Gerald F. Book Review 697
Celestial skies. (What's New?). Brief Article 198
Chicago and the art of the western frontier. (Museums Today). Barter, Judith A.; Kelly, Sarah E. 1611
Count 'em, sort 'em. (What's New?). 419
Customerizing Chinos. (What's New?). 642
Debunking common drowning myths. (Your Life). 579
Fight those bites. (What's New?). 384
Fighting aging through exercise. (Your Life). 514
For x-treme kids. (What's New?). 339
Garden gear. (What's New). 421
Green Cathedrals revisited. (Sports Scene). Barrett, Wayne M. 1172
How FDA regulations and injury litigation cripple the medical device industry. (Law & Justice). Homsy, Charles A. 3797
I'm still in love with Irene Dunne. (Reel World). Gehring, Wes D. 1078
Is your beach contaminated? (Your Life). 359
Jefferson, Napoleon, and the Louisiana Purchase. (Museums Today). Cooke, Victoria 1404
Keep your cool in summer heat. (Your Life). 514
Keeping baby safe. (What's New?). 565
Listen to the tooth fairy. (What's New?). 250
Looking good. (What's New?). 347
Monitoring biometric technologies in a free society. (American Thought). Crews, Clyde Wayne, S. Jr. 3026
Natural resources and conflict: a deadly ralationship. (Ecology). Renner, Michael 3738
No more wire worries. (What's New?). Brief Article 289
Quick war does not mean job rebound. (Your Life). Brief Article 253
Reach for the sky. (What's New?). Brief Article 234
Reducing conflict in the office. (Your Life). 316
Retirees: the "new kids" on campus. (Education). DeGirolamo, Joyce 2884
Seeking an end to the Kashmir Quagmire: can India and Pakistan be brought to the table to resolve the conflict that has been ongoing for more than half a century? (Worldview). Indurthy, Rathnam 4250
Seeking summer safety. (Your Life). 688
Serious tool time. (What's New?). 414
Should companies offer employees a lifeline? (Business & Finance). Lilienthal, Peter W. 2472
Sleep firmly. (What's New). 344
Smug attitude can hinder job search. (Your Life). Brief Article 211
Solving the looming labor crisis: a growing number of retirees, declining fertility rates, and a labor force that simply does not possess the right skills to meet employers' needs are leading to shortages of workers for many positions. (Economics). Challenger, John A. 3438
States face fiscal crunch: after 1990s' spending surge. (National Affairs). Moore, Stephen; Edwards, Chris; Kerpen, Phil 2306
Summer storage. (What's New?). 367
Tardiness breeds creative excuses. (Your Life). Brief Article 186
Teens easily skirt parents' TV bans. (Your Life). Brief Article 224
The beat goes on. (What's New). Brief Article 193
The French: rivals, but not enemies. (World Watcher). Howell, Llewellyn D. Editorial 1050
The hidden danger of sun exposure: actinic keratoses--small scaly lesions that feel like sandpaper to the touch--can progress to an invasive form of skin cancer if left untreated. (Medicine & Health). Jorizzo, Joseph 1607
The ongoing battle over Title IX. (Athletic Arena). Hogshead-Makar, Nancy 3209
The Pentagon is fighting--and winning--the public relations war. (Mass Media). Pritchard, Robert S. 4603
The right tools. (What's New). 456
This Just In: What I Couldn't Tell You on TV. Fischer, Raymond L. Book Review 571
Vacuum packed. (What's New?). 486
West Nile virus: a public health crisis. (Science & Technology)(Cover Story). Logomasini, Angela Cover Story 2745
What's in a name? More than you think. (Words & Images). Saltzman, Joe Editorial 1036
Whatever happened to integrity? (Parting Thoughts). Kreyche, Gerald F. Editorial 1052

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