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Articles from USA Today (Magazine) (January 1, 2002)

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A bevy of beverages. (What's New? Winter Gear & Food Fest). Brief Article 588
A donut not for dunking. Brief Article 232
A memo to American Muslims: an Islamic scholar appeals to his fellow American Muslims in the aftermath of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. (American Thought). Khan, M.A. Muqtedar 1546
After September. (Reel World). Sharrett, Christopher 1086
Art of the American West: the Amon Carter Museum's collection chronicles all aspects of western life, from the 1840s to the present. (Museum Today). Stewart, Rick 1159
Berry, berry good. (What's New? Winter Gear & Food Fest). Brief Article 234
Biblical tidbits. (What's New? Winter Gear & Food Fest). Brief Article 136
Bullying is everyone's problem. (Your Life). Brief Article 148
Cars drive up the costs of urban sprawl: "In addition to eating up more human time and motor fuel, car-centric cities require greater expenditures on transportation and other infrastructure--expenses that chip away at a region's economic potential." (Ecology). Sheehan, Molly O'Meara 2210
Chocolate: the new health food. (Your Life). Brief Article 218
Classics, sequels, noir, and guilty pleasures. (Entertainment). Rothenberg, Robert S. 2799
Creole cookin'. (What's New? Winter Gear & Food Fest). Brief Article 299
Eating right to reduce stress. (Your Life). Brief Article 358
Energy density: a new way to look at food. (Your Life). Brief Article 236
Explaining negative "mystery moods". (Your Life). Brief Article 342
Exploring the frontiers of the future: "One of the central challenges for the future is that we don't know what we don't know." (Science & Technology). Matthews, Kathleen S. 2536
Fresh off the vine. (What's New? Winter Gear & Food Fest). Brief Article 229
Frozen ecstacy. (What's New? Winter Gear & Food Fest). Brief Article 309
God and the terrorist attacks. (Parting Thoughts). Kreyche, Gerald F. Brief Article 1067
Good grief, Charlie Brown!: the art of Charles Schulz: "At the heart of Schulz's great connection with the world was his humanity." (Museum Today). Egan, Richard; Rawson, Kimberly 1280
Grading the media on terrorism coverage. (Your Life). Brief Article 556
Helping school counselors cope with violence: "[their role] in responding to a crisis varies from school to school. What is important, however, is that the safety of all students is ensured and that a plan is in place which reflects the unique characteristics of that school." (Education). Alexander, Charlene M. 2363
Helping to beat those winter blues. (Your Life). Brief Article 177
How to feather your first nest. (Your Life). Brief Article 487
I yam what I yam. (What's New? Winter Gear & Food Fest). Brief Article 109
Is "TEAM" a four-letter word? "Losing tends to exacerbate conflicts that may be simmering, but remain dormant while a team is enjoying success." (Athletic Arena). Sachs, Michael L. 1536
Is your financial health at risk? "It's never to soon to become an effective money manager and improve your financial well-being. (Economics). Weintraub, Allen 1901
Leather bound. (What's New? Winter Gear & Food Fest). Brief Article 274
Meeting the global energy challenge: "there are no quick solutions to the energy supply and infrastructure challenge facing the U.S. specifically and the global marketplace generally." (National Affairs). Weidenbaum, Murray L. 3362
Mental health and refugee families: "what is needed more than political ideology is to build a family-centered approach to refugee mental health." (Psychology). Weine, Stevan M. 2362
Nation Building II. (World Watcher). Howell, Llewellyn D. Brief Article 1034
Nose vs. Palate. (What's New? Winter Gear & Food Fest). Brief Article 277
Oil is not a national security issue: "... America steadfastly clings to perceptions formed in the 1970s, and national policies continue to reflect oil paranoia." (National Affairs). Losman, Donald 4980
Olympic odd lot. (What's New? Winter Gear & Food Fest). Brief Article 301
One potato, two potato. (What's New? Winter Gear & Food Fest). Brief Article 292
Oriental accents. (What's New? Winter Gear & Food Fest). Brief Article 160
Plush pajamas. (What's New? Winter Gear & Food Fest). Brief Article 209
Proposed: a more-effective and just response to terrorism: "by enlarging international cooperation, especially in the Islamic world, and utilizing and upholding the principles of law, we can increase the chances that the horrors of Sept. 11 will never be repeated." (American Thought). Cortright, David 2505
Rebounding from a career setback. (Your Life). Brief Article 278
Refuting chocolate and beef's bad reputation. (Your Life). Brief Article 174
Renewing the U.S.-Japan relationship: fifty years after the San Francisco Peace Treaty was signed, there is a need for a recommitment by the two nations to work together to ensure the future security, economic prosperity, and political stability of the Asia Pacific region. (Worldview). Sigur, Christopher 2281
Secrets of finding and keeping good employees: "To do the best job possible, it is important for America's hiring professionals to challenge their interview processes." (Business & Finance). Sirbasku, Jim 3033
Side by side. (What's New? Winter Gear & Food Fest). Brief Article 428
Snowboarding in style. (What's New? Winter Gear & Food Fest). Brief Article 669
So you want to be a tax cheat. (Economic Observer). Schnepper, Jeff A. Brief Article 1018
So you want to buy a home: "... with proper planning and the help of qualified professionals, the home-buying experience can be a triumph, not an ordeal." (Life in America). Sloan, Bill 3101
Social HMOs can ensure senior's health and independence: "it is clear that Medicare needs to be updated, but the question is how. What type of program will meet the needs of the 21st century?" (Medicine & Health). Ervin, Sam L. 2600
Sophisticated or childlike? (What's New? Winter Gear & Food Fest). Brief Article 265
Striking oil. (What's New? Winter Gear & Food Fest). Brief Article 292
Sugar-free delights. (What's New? Winter Gear & Food Fest). Brief Article 588
Teasing the news is the wrong thing to thing to do. (Words & Images). Saltzman, Joe Brief Article 860
The "Contraction" quagmire. (Sports Scene). Barrett, Wayne M. 1086
The battle against White-Collar Crime: "The exponential growth of technology and the use of computers have triggered a purposeful rethinking of the tools needed by law enforcement organizations to address internet-related crime." (Law & Justice). Johnston, Richard 2515
The butcher always rings twice. (What's New? Winter Gear & Food fFst). Brief Article 910
The courts close in on the diversity rationale. (State Of The Nation). Bresler, Robert J. Brief Article 1025
The emotional impact of flowers. (Your Life). Brief Article 250
The spice of life. (What's New? Winter Gear & Food Fest). Brief Article 206
The Unfinished Bombing: Oklahoma City in American Memory. (Books). Kellman, Steven G. Book Review 658
Traveling Route 66. (Books). Kreyche, Gerald F. Book Review 533
TV and movies hamper American PR effort. (Your Life). Brief Article 307
Valentine's Day gifts can bring problems. (Your Life). Brief Article 146
Veggie burgers. (What's New? Winter Gear & Food Fest). Brief Article 129
What lies ahead for the Federal Communications Commission? Under Chairman Michael Powell, the FCC will be pushing a conservative agenda concerning regulation and deregulation in telecommunications. (Mass Media). Fischer, Raymond L. 1924
Widowed spouses face retirement challenges. (Your Life). Brief Article 421
Women's changing personality traits. (Your Life). Brief Article 329
Workplace manners on the decline. (Your Life). Brief Article 274

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