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USA Memory Champ Says Cain and Perry's Brain Freezes Easily Fixable but Catastrophic if Not.

FORT WORTH, Texas, Nov. 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Top GOP candidates Rick Perry and Herman Cain are experiencing brain freezes and it could cost them the election. Perry couldn't remember the third agency he would eliminate and Cain's brain seemed to lock up when asked about Libya.

Two-time USA Memory Champion and memory expert Ron White ( says, "These brain freezes are understandable because of the pressure and potential lack of sleep, but most importantly, even with pressure and a lack of sleep, the brain is capable of performing at a very high level when using a memory training system. Perry and Cain clearly are not and it could be their demise."

White has the credentials to back up his claim. In 2009, he set a record for the fastest to memorize a shuffled deck of cards in the USA at only 1 minute 27 seconds and in 2010 won the USA Memory Championship with only 45 minutes sleep. At the World Memory Championship in 2009 he memorized an 800-digit number in 60 minutes after flying across the Atlantic and facing jet lag. If training Cain or Perry, White would start with foods to avoid and sleep patterns, but, most significantly, using his memory system.

"What's amazing is not that I can do these things with my memory," White explained. "It's that I can teach anyone to do these things. Using the same techniques I used to win the USA Memory Championships, anyone can develop greater control over their own memory. More significantly, Herman Cain, Rick Perry and any other politician could give a three-hour talk and never look at a single note, enter a debate and literally have 1,000 facts at their mental fingertips with no fear of brain freeze and maybe the most crucial to a politician - remember names and faces."

White has personally coached top-level CEOs and politicians for 20 years on how to give speeches without notes, become a subject matter expert on any topic overnight and remember names. In 2010 on the History Channel's Superhumans, White's memory was compared to a hardware store computer. He won that battle and he says Cain, Perry or any politician could win theirs as well with a little brain tweaking.

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Date:Nov 16, 2011
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