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USA: Kemin Acquires Encapsulation Technology.

11 January 2010 - Kemin Industries Inc has acquired encapsulation technology and products sold via distribution by Soda Feed Ingredients, it has been announced.

The acquisition expands Keminas product portfolio of animal feed ingredients to include encapsulation technologies and new ingredients for the dairy industry, the company said.

John Springate, Ph.D., president of Kemin Agrifoods said: "Nutritionists are constantly challenged to maximize the digestibility of sometimes poorly absorbed feed ingredients. Sound encapsulation, or the ability to time the release of active ingredients, can target absorption of ingredients at specific locations in the digestive tract. This unique delivery system provides optimum absorption of ingredients for maximum nutrition and health benefits."

Giancarlo Alloa Casale, president of Soda Feed Ingredients, said: "We look forward to joining the Kemin team as we merge our strengths together to better serve both Kemin and Soda customers. Our unique encapsulation technologies will provide additional value to Keminas product portfolio, leading to new and greater nutritional and health solutions. Keminas global sales and marketing network will undoubtedly lead to greater distribution of our technology in the animal feed ingredient market."

Kemin will invest resources in research and development to apply these technologies in the food, pet food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. New encapsulation technologies include: spray freezing, fluid bed, pan coating and coacervation. These unique encapsulation technologies provide a targeted release in the gastrointestinal tract, application for rumen bypass and protection for hard to handle active ingredients.

Additional products acquired expand Kemin's ruminant portfolio as well as enhance its acidifier portfolio. These products, available in select regions, include: LYS-50, Col 24, METHIOPLUS, Butyprol, RepaXol, FormaXol and Finicid.

Founded in 1961, the Kemin group of companies provide health and nutritional solutions to the agrifood, food ingredients, pet food, human health and pharmaceutical industries. Kemin operates in more than 60 countries with manufacturing facilities in Belgium, Brazil, China, India, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand and the United States.
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Publication:Feedinfo News Service
Date:Jan 11, 2010
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