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US-Russia ties "all-time low point ... with very low level of trust" - Tillerson.

WASHINGTON, May 14 (KUNA) -- US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reiterated Sunday that the US relationship with Russia is at "an all-time low point" since the end of the Cold War, with a "very low level of trust." Tillerson said on NBC network "it's in the interest of the American people, it's in the interest of Russia, the rest of the world, that we do something to see if we cannot improve the relationship between the two greatest nuclear powers in the world," but that "whether we can improve it or not remains to be seen. "It's going to take some time. It's going to take a lot of hard work. But I think the president's (Donald Trump) committed, rightly so, and I'm committed with him as well, to see if we cannot do something to put us on a better footing in our relationship with Russia," he added. The US top diplomat stressed that there are a broad range of "important issues" that have to be addressed in the US-Russia relationship, where "obviously the interference in the election is one of those." He noted "I think it's been well documented, it's pretty well understood, the nature of that interference, here and elsewhere." He affirmed "these are not new tactics on the part of the Russian government, directed not only at us but at others ... we have to look at this relationship in its broadest contours, and there are many, many important areas which require our attention if we are to bring it back to a relationship that we believe is necessary for the security of the US." Asked if he has seen the intelligence reports on Russia's collusion in the 2016 presidential elections, Tillerson said "I have seen the intelligence reports ... and yes, I don't think there's any question that the Russians were playing around in our electoral processes. Again, as those intelligence reports also have indicated, it's inconclusive as to what, if any, effect it had. Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe affirmed last Thursday a probe into Russia's meddling in the 2016 presidential elections was ongoing. "We're just at a very, very low level of trust between our two countries right now. And so what we're exploring is how do we begin the process of restoring that trust," Tillerson remarked. (end) si

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Publication:Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)
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Date:May 14, 2017
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