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US gun laws are a throwback to a time before the West was won; MY SHOUT.

Byline: Joe Riley

THE United States, floating in deep cultural isolation between two vast oceans, has long kidded itself as being the most civilised nation on earth.

But merely scratch the surface, and the dire truth is revealed: an immature and naive multitude still espousing the gun-toting lifestyle of the Wild West which is unbelievably written into their constitution.

The latest school massacre in Florida - where and when will the next one be? - underlines the ignorant nonsense of allowing an entire population to bear arms.

And upholding this right is the most gung-ho President in American history, whose path to the White House was strewn with millions of dollars from those reared on stories of cowboys and Indians.

Clearly, to all sane onlookers, there should be no more right for individuals to carry a gun than to carry a knife - or a bomb.

Imagine, for a moment, if, in 13th-century Britain, Magna Carta had enshrined the right to carry a bow and arrow.

A laughable scenario, perhaps, but symptomatic of the crass stupidity which still grips the US consciousness.

I once had a long conversation with the film actor Charlton Heston (Ben Hur, etc), who was then the mouthpiece of the National Rifle Association which promotes this spurious cause. He did nothing to dissuade me that he and his like were dangerously deluded.

| WHETHER or not the government ever gets around to parading Trump the Chump through London, they are about to welcome Saudi Arabia's so-called reforming crown prince, Mohammed Bin Salman.

It's all down to oil and arms deals and any other money-grubbing scheme you care to mention. That, and the fear of Putin and his cronies becoming the dominant foreign influence in the Middle East.

But nothing can disguise the fact that Saudis are, beneath the surface, also a load of primitives, whose lunchtime entertainment consists of publicly chopping the heads off even meagre felons in the town square.

| THE cashless society apparently knows no limits.

Such as the Bristol Big Issue seller who now accepts contactless card payments.

That's what's called using your initiative. Next stop: an appearance on The Apprentice?

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 26, 2018
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