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US forces did not respect the security agreement - Analysts.

BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Political analysts agreed today that the U.S.

forces did not respect the security agreement signed with the Iraqi government, and its airborne operations in some Iraqi cities is a greater proof of this violation.

Legal advisor Ismael Alwan told Aswat al-Iraq said that "the airborne operations in some Iraqi cities is a violation of the agreement, as it does not allow the U.S.

forces to carry out such operations and arrests unless they were under direct aggression."

"If the U.S.

forces encountered an attack, they have the right to defend themselves and arrest the attackers, otherwise they do not have the right to arrest without accompanying Iraqi forces," he added.

Alwan said "If the U.S.

violated the agreement, the matter shall be referred to a higher committee between the two governments, but if the operations are done with the knowledge of the Iraqi government, then it is within the capacity of the agreement and Iraqi request for American assistance."

A Karbala official said that the U.S.

forces carried out an airborne landing on 28 May, 2011 against a residence without reasons given for such operation.

The source added that "the targeted person had died four days prior."

Prior to the withdrawal of the U.S.

forces from Kerbela province, they suffered many attacks in the same area as the airborne operation.

Secretary General of Al-Ahrar bloc, affiliate to National Alliance, Ameer Al-Kinani demanded a firm stand by the Iraqi government against U.S.

forces' violations and to respect the security agreement signed between the two governments.

He added that many statements were raised before the parliament, particularly after the killing of many civilians in Anbar, Diala and Missan provinces.

On the other hand, MP Juma' Al-Atwani of the National Alliance said that "America, from the first date of endorsing the agreement, did not abide by it and made many human rights violations."

"We do not expect anything from the government, more than raising questions for these violations," he added.


forces withdrew from Iraqi cities on 30 June, 2009 in preparation for the withdrawal of combat forces in August 2010 as planned according to the security agreement signed on 13 December, 2008.

Political analyst Al-Nasir Duraid has a different view when he said that "the United States has the right to arrest any person it believes to be a danger to its existence or a threat to the political scene."

"We do not have the right to put it into account or sue it by any means," he added.

He referred that some of the political forces have definite desire that the U.S.

forces remain in the country, while there is an Iranian desire to terminate this presence at the soonest.

Duraid added that "this stage witnesses some kind of conflict between Iran and America, which will lead to the increase of attacks against the U.S.

forces, which will result in more arrests for those who, as the U.S.

believes, have contacts with the Iranian side."

Missan Security and Defence Commission member Sarhan Al-Musawi said to Aswat al-Iraq Sunday denouncing the US-Iraqi military air borne operation to arrest five persons, including a 13-year child.

He added that the provincial council threatened to suspend its work if such incidents will occur, particularly without the knowledge of the local government or existing military and police organs.


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Publication:Aswat al-Iraq (Erbil, Iraq)
Date:May 30, 2011
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