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US dismissed as a toothless tiger.

Iranian officials continue saying the United States publicly threatens to attack Iran but lacks the ability to do so, something of a double falsehood wrapped up in one sentence.

Last week, Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani was at it, saying the US will never end its hostility toward Iran, but its threats to attack Iran are no more than boastful remarks.

"The US always speaks of conducting war and military operations against Iran, but it cannot do anything because, if it could, it would have done so," Larijani said, addressing a provincial administrative council in the western province of Hamadan.

He underlined Iran's military preparedness to confront any foreign threat, stressing that Washington is well aware of Iran's military might and knows that it has no chance of surviving Iran's response to any military attack.

US officials do not, however, threaten to make war against Iran. For more than a decade, the standard phrase, under both the George W. Bush and Obama Administrations, has been that "all options are on the table" when it comes to Iran. But that is really a hollow remark, since, if all options are on the table, then abject surrender is under consideration. The phrase is simply meant to sound tough while saying absolutely nothing.

Last month, the Pasdar maritime force commander, Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, gave the Iranian version of tough rhetoric. He said Iran's military might and preparedness are so great that the US can no longer pose any threat to Iran.

"The Americans do not dare even give a dirty look to Iran," Admiral Fadavi told a conference in Bandar Abbas.

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Title Annotation:Keeping an eye on rhetoric; Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani
Publication:Iran Times International (Washington, DC)
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Date:Feb 6, 2015
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