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US and ISIL: Stay and Entertain.

TEHRAN (FNA)- Retired Gen. John Allen, recently replaced as the Special Envoy to the war against ISIL, doesn't need to remind us that the United States is "condemned to fight ISIL forever."

The world already knows that the War Party has designed the "War on Terror" to last forever. This is all about yellow ribbons, endless bombings, and endless wars. It is now and it gives us deep pause:

- The Pentagon's over $1.5 billion-a-day budget is designed to acquire the US the needed leverage to control every aspect of global affairs. Military spending accounts for nearly a third of the country's overall budget, which runs into trillions. Someone needs to spend this money somewhere.

-The US didn't invade the Middle East to destroy al-Qaeda, Taliban and ISIL. This was never the intention. The "liberators" are here to stay and to protect their alleged interests. No matter what the outcome is in the war, and no matter how much more suffering it causes, the official policy says, "stay and entertain."

-Let's assume for a moment that we are living in a silly universe. The battle against terror is won and Middle East is completely "pacified" and "democratized." The Pentagon has packed up and left. Since there is no arms race in the region, the Military-Industry Complex has fired hundreds of thousands of its employees and mercenaries. It has even shut down many of its arms factories and destroyed its nuclear arsenals. Do you really believe this will ever happen? Do you? If the answer is yes, then you are not living in a reality-based universe!

-Until yesterday, it was Saddam and Bin Laden. Today, they want the head of "Caliph Ibrahim." Who knows what tomorrow holds? For the War Party all it takes is a little lie and a permanent shift of responsibility away from the public, combined with an ultra-sophisticated PR effort at the United Nations to successfully turn yet another "ally" or "creation" into "The Global Face of Evil." After all, the entertainers on the Capitol Hill insist the show must go on.

-No matter who wins the next presidential race, war remains the default setting. It's endless. The US will never stop "pacifying" the world. It will never stop "democratizing" the "undemocratic" nations. It will continue to kill millions, directly or indirectly. The 60 million refugees worldwide are never enough. The "liberators" want to see even more chaos, more bloodshed, more failed states, and more refugees.

Make no mistake. The next president will have striking similarities with Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. In essence, his or her foreign policy agenda will be similarly based on yet more "humanitarian" interventions. The next White House tenant will carry on with much of what Obama has started in the Middle East.

Expect nothing less, as US foreign policy continues unabated. Don't be surprised to see a new "War President" delivering a new " War on Terror" speech to the UN General Assembly. Don't be surprised to see him or her break US diplomatic commitment to international law, bin the "historic" nuclear deal between Iran and P5+1, and even go a step further and declare war on Iran, Syria and Russia. These people will do anything to "stay the course" AND to protect Israel. It's the preponderant norm at the White House, and they keep reminding us during their live TV presidential debates. The lot of them.

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Publication:FARS News Agency
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Date:Nov 13, 2015
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