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US Government Test Reaffirms Excellent Operational Performance of Cognitec's Face Recognition Platform.

DRESDEN, Germany -- Cognitec Systems today announced that the results of the Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) 2006, a large scale independent evaluation test of face recognition systems conducted by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology, first published on March 30, 2007, confirmed the outstanding performance of the Company's face recognition technology.

The primary goal of FRVT 2006 was to measure progress of prototype systems/algorithms and commercial face recognition systems since a similar test conducted in 2002.

Of 22 companies and research institutes that participated in FRVT 2006, only Cognitec and 10 participants could complete the large-scale tests, and only Cognitec and one other company could deliver measurements in four different test scenarios for still images and 2D/3D data.

Test results for FRVT 2006 also demonstrated that Cognitec exceeded the goal specified by the Face Recognition Grand Challenge, which was to evidence increased recognition performance by an order of magnitude as compared to results measured during FRVT 2002. Similar to the 2002 test results, Cognitec again delivered top performance in the majority of the tests, especially in the more challenging tests that reflect common real-world scenarios.

While numerous performance assessments were made in FRVT 2006, including assessments involving datasets containing high resolution imagery, by far the largest dataset used pertained to low resolution imagery. Such low resolution dataset is more representative of today's commercially available large-scale face recognition applications, such as those used in search applications within large passport or driver's license photo databases. Within this low resolution dataset, FRVT 2006 test results clearly pointed to the superior operational performance of Cognitec's system by demonstrating that the Company's system had the lowest false rejection rate for the lowest false acceptance rate. These results undoubtedly represent a marked, sizable improvement over the already best-in-class results attained by the Company's systems in 2002.

"We are very satisfied with the results achieved by our Company's technology in FRVT 2006," commented Alfredo Herrera, Cognitec's Managing Director. "These results further validate our robust technology and leadership position within the face recognition market, as well as demonstrate our capability to deliver superior products through world-class R&D capabilities. Moreover, we remain committed to maintaining our technological leadership position to ascertain that we continually meet the ever-changing needs and operational challenges of our growing customer base through innovative and best-in-class face recognition solutions."

Subsequent to January 2006, the algorithm submission cut-off date for FRVT 2006 purposes, the Company has further enhanced the already robust operational performance of its existing systems through measured and focused R&D efforts. Specifically, Cognitec's latest search engine, currently available to customers through certain of the Company's products, exhibits considerably enhanced performance relative to strong lighting variations over the Company's search engine tested through FRVT 2006.

Complete test results may be obtained from NIST under

Results shown from the Facial Recognition Vendor Test 2006 do not constitute endorsement of any particular product by the US Government.

About Cognitec

Cognitec Systems, with headquarters in Dresden, Germany, and offices or subsidiaries in Herndon, VA; Miami, FL; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Hong Kong, develops, markets and deploys the well-established and market-leading FaceVACS([R]) face recognition software to global customers and government agencies. Cognitec's software experts have been developing face recognition technology since 1995. In various independent evaluation tests, including the Face Recognition Vendor Test 2006, FaceVACS([R]) has repeatedly attained a market-leading technology position.

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Date:Apr 10, 2007
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