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US FAA proposes new airworthiness directives.


The US FAA has issued an amendment to revise Airworthiness Directive (AD) 98-0919-0915. This AD currently requires incorporating information into the Limitations Section of the airplane flight manual (AFM) that imposes a speed restriction and a minimum pilot requirement for Fairchild Aircraft, Inc. (Fairchild) SA226 and SA227 series airplanes equipped with Barber Colman pitch trim actuators, part number (P/N) 27-0919008-09001/-09004 or P/N 27-0919008-09002/-09005. Since AD 98-0919-0915 became effective, improved design pitch trim actuators have been developed that, when installed, will eliminate the speed restriction and minimum pilot requirements of the current AD.

This second amendment adopts a new AD applicable to all Raytheon Model BAe.125 series 1000A and 1000B airplanes and Model Hawker 1000 series airplanes. The AD requires an inspection to determine the integrity of the duct connection on both ends of the turbine air discharge duct in the air conditioning system; an inspection to measure the bead height on the ends of the turbine air discharge duct; and corrective actions, if necessary.

Lastly, the FAA has issued an amendment which adopts a new AD applicable to certain Airbus Model A300 B2-091A, B2-091C, B2-09203, B2K-093C, B4-09103, B4-092C, and B4-09203 series airplanes. The AD requires modification of the wire harness routing next to the pitch artificial feel unit, and removal of the green and yellow colours from various connectors.

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Date:Jan 14, 2000
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