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US Army Orders Ground Station Upgrade.

The US Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM, Ft. Monmouth, NJ) has tasked Motorola's Systems Solutions Group (Scottsdale, AZ) to begin upgrading the service's Common Ground Station (CGS) equipment, used to receive the data from a number of airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets.

CECOM awarded Motorola $15.6 million to begin the project by upgrading an initial tranche of 25 CGS units from the V(1) to the V(2) configuration. The upgrade, according to Samuel Fusero, the Army's deputy program manager for the CGS, focuses on the contractor-furnished automatic data-processing equipment within the CGS. Specifically, Fusero explained in a statement to JED, the existing memory-storage unit is being replaced, and additional processing boards are being installed into the main server. Motorola will also swap out some government-furnished equipment, most notably the HMMWV in which the CGS is currently installed. This vehicle will be replaced with an "extended-capability" HMMWV with a higher weight limit. Eventually, the Army hopes to upgrade a total of 55 CGSs to the V(2) configuration, at an estimated cost of $38-40 million.

In addition to radar data from the US Air Force's E-8 Joint STARS aircraft, the CGS V(2) units also receive sensor data from the Airborne Reconnaissance Low aircraft, the U-2, various unmanned aerial vehicles and all Intelligence Broadcast Service transmitters, including the Army's Guardrail/Common Sensor. CGSs can also receive data from various imagery-processing libraries and provide intelligence and targeting information to the Army's All-Source Analysis System, as well as the service's Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System. The upgraded CGS systems also possess embedded training features, which enable the units to receive simulation or participate in remote exercises.

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Author:Rivers, B.
Publication:Journal of Electronic Defense
Date:Jul 1, 2000
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