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UQM Lands Contract for Advanced Traction Motor Work.

UQM Technologies, Inc. recently announced that it has been awarded a contract to develop an advanced traction motor for the Department of Energy's (DOE) FreedomCAR and Vehicle Technologies Program, which supports the goals of the private/public FreedomCAR and Fuel Partnership.

According to UQM, DOE provided $146,500 to cover half the total cost of the phase I program, which will be conducted over nine months. Activities will focus on high-performance and high-efficiency permanent magnet traction motors that use new and novel materials and configurations in an effort to cut manufacturing costs.

"We believe recent advancements in the performance and efficiency of our propulsion systems, together with the additional development activities envisioned under this program, will allow us to develop a traction motor that delivers expected performance within manufacturing cost targets," said UQM president and CEO William Rankin.

UQM noted that the contract was awarded by UT-Battelle, LLC, which operates DOE's Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The FreedomCAR and Fuel Partnership aims to develop emission- and petroleum-free cars and light trucks.

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Date:Aug 17, 2005
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