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 KALAMAZOO, Mich., Sept. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- The Upjohn Company (NYSE: UPJ) has received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market Pirsue(TM) Aqueous Gel, a new antibiotic for clinical and sub-clinical mastitis treatment in lactating dairy cattle.
 Pirsue (pirlimycin hydrochloride), the first new antibiotic approved for treatment of clinical mastitis in more than a decade, is a new and novel drug for mastitis treatment. According to Thomas G. Schalk, D.V.M., Upjohn corporate vice president for worldwide animal health, Pirsue will fit a definite need in mastitis treatment programs and will bolster Upjohn's dairy product line.
 Clinical and sub-clinical mastitis is a worldwide problem to the dairy industry. In the U.S. alone, estimates of economic losses from mastitis infections are pegged at $181 per cow per year, or more than $2 billion annually to dairy farmers nationwide.
 "Pirsue is an important new product for the animal health division of The Upjohn Company," Schalk stated. "Its availability enhances the company's product franchise in the area of mastitis treatment and prevention, and will provide opportunities for more effectively marketing our other mastitis products."
 Schalk added that Pirsue will fit in mastitis treatment regimens as a primary therapy for clinical mastitis due in part to the fact that trials conducted to establish efficacy were done against actual clinical mastitis. All other products marketed for this disease use dosages determined from tests against sub-clinical mastitis.
 The approval for Pirsue comes on the heels of Upjohn's recent United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) licensure for its vaccine used for the prevention of environmental mastitis by Escherichia coli. The vaccine, marketed as Upjohn J-5 Bacterin, and Pirsue represent two strong new additions to Upjohn's established line of mastitis treatment products.
 Upjohn clinical development staff member John Hallberg, D.V.M., Ph.D., who led the team responsible for achieving the FDA clearance for Pirsue, pointed out some of the advantages the product will offer to the market.
 "Pirsue has excellent efficacy on gram-positive organisms, including staph. and strep., which make up a large majority of clinical mastitis treated by dairy producers, and it has shown positive efficacy on the treatment of clinical Staph. aureus mastitis," Hallberg said. "In addition, Pirsue has only a 36-hour milk discard time, which will allow producers a substantially better return on investment than other therapies."
 Pirsue's 36-hour milk discard time compares with 60 hours for penicillins, for example, meaning that dairy producers would benefit from the collection of two additional saleable milkings. Compared with the most popular therapies on the market now, Pirsue's milk discard time ranges from 12 to 60 hours less.
 Pirsue will be supplied and marketed by the animal health division of The Upjohn Company. It will be available by prescription through licensed veterinarians.
 The Upjohn Company is a worldwide, research-based provider of human health care products, animal health products, agronomic and vegetable seeds and specialty chemicals. Headquartered in Kalamazoo, the company has been dedicated to improving health and nutrition for more than a century.
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