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UPDATE2: Suu Kyi reelected as leader of National League for Democracy.

YANGON, March 10 Kyodo


The National League for Democracy reelected Aung San Suu Kyi as leader of Myanmar's main opposition party on Sunday before closing a two-day national congress, the first in its 25-year history.

The NLD also expanded the size of its decision-making body, the Central Executive Committee, from seven to 15 members and elected 120 members of the party's Central Committee.

Under a new mandate, Suu Kyi, 67, will take the reins in steering the fractious NLD toward scheduled parliamentary elections in 2015.

Currently, the NLD holds 44 seats in parliament, less than 10 percent of the total.

The NLD, which served as the rallying point for democratic forces when the country was under military rule, has lost some of its political relevance after a civilian government under reformist President Thein Sein came to power in March 2011.

Adding to its political woes, the party has recently been mired in generational conflicts as senior party members hold on to their seniority under a centralized leadership.

Addressing the party congress Sunday, Suu Kyi said the party must welcome constructive criticism from the younger generation of party members elected to leadership posts.

"Don't ever be afraid or reluctant to tell the things and do the things that should be told and done," she said.

In another passage of the closing speech, Suu Kyi told the younger members of the party leadership to be "daring" in presenting their views and opinions.

"In doing so, please try to improve your skills and be creative and proactive, in order to be able to better serve our country and our people," she said.
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Publication:Asian Political News
Date:Mar 11, 2013
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