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UPDATE: Selig to Announce Creation of Panel to Study On-Field Issues.

Byline: Maury Brown

Tues. 9:25am - MLB sends follow-up press release confirming that La Russa will be on conference call, as well as Braves president, John Schuerholz.

Tues. 1:50am - Ronald Blum of The AP reports that Selig will indeed announce that a study panel is being created that will look into matters such as expanded instant replay, the pace of the game, umpires, etc. More details after the conference call later on Tuesday.

7:50pm - The Cardinals official Twitter account, pulled this, but not before @MLB re-tweeted ( "La Russa has been selected by commish Bud Selig to serve on a panel to discuss ways to improve game."

While Selig's conference call could be anything, this type of activity announced through the Cardinals seems very plausible, and something Selig would be high to announce personally. More details, if they surface.

Something is up in Major League Baseball, but as of now, it's hard to say what.

Major League Baseball has sent a press release saying Commissioner Selig will take part of a 12pm ET conference call on Tuesday where he "will make an announcement regarding on-field matters." The release goes on to say that other participants will be announced prior to Tuesday's conference call.

"On-field matters" could include anything, but given that it's Selig that is involved, we can try and make some educated guess...

Expanded instant replay?... Increase the pace of the game?... Advertising on the bases?...

We'll update as we hear. In the meantime... Talk amongst yourselves in the comments.

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