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UP ON TECH STOCKING; Find the perfect gadget for your loved ones this Christmas.

UR Christmas tech gift guide sees us go a bit upmarket.

OThese might be on the pricier side, but they're mostly on the cutting edge, or offer at least a refined experience.

1 PLAYSTATION VR PS349.99, IT still costs more than the console itself, but Sony's VR effort for PlayStation 4 remains the best way of getting into virtual reality.

Sony is going for it too, with lots of top-drawer games offering at least a small slice of VR action in its latest releases - the most recent evidence of that comes in the form of Skyrim, Gran Turismo, and the classic Doom. VR gaming is really going mainstream.

2 FITBIT IONIC PS299.99, APPLE Watch has the market at the moment, but as a result, others are stepping up their smartwatch game.

Fitbit has a ready-made user base of course, with a range of hugely popular fitness trackers. The Ionic is its first fully-fledged smartwatch with apps, which may well give Apple a run for its money.

ECHO SHOW 3AMAZON PS199.99, WE'VE waited a while for the Echo Show - but last week it finally began shipping to Amazon's UK customers.

It is essentially an Echo with a screen, which means it can show you things as well as tell you things.

With it Amazon continues to steal a march on its rivals for pole position in the race to win the smart home prize.

4 GOOGLE HOME PS129, GOOGLE is still lagging behind Amazon with its in-home speaker system.

It might have the might of the Google Assistant behind it, but Alexa still plugs into more third party apps and devices. But Google is breathing down Alexa's neck and the Home should be the heart of any smart home system for those committed to Google's ecosystem.

5 POLAROID ONESTEP 2 PS109.99, IT might be low-fi tech, but the classic Polaroid instant camera refuses to die.

Kept alive by the Impossible Project, a group of enthusiasts who just couldn't bear to think of a world without Polaroid instant cameras, it's now back officially under the Polaroid name.

The OneStep 2 is a modern recreation of the classic Polaroid camera, and the company that started it all is now making film again, too. Who says analogue is dead? 6 MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO From PS799, MICROSOFT has been quietly making its product line more streamlined and more user-friendly, culminating in the Surface Pro, a hybrid laptop/tablet which is proving itself to be a useful and powerful device. And with Windows 10 being the best version of the veteran OS for years, now might be a good time to take an interest in what Microsoft is doing again.

7 KINDLE PAPERWHITE From PS109.99, THERE are more expensive Kindles, to be sure, but there are none better than the Paperwhite. It boasts a crisp 300dpi e-ink screen that reads just like paper, a battery that needs charging monthly rather than daily, and a built-in light so you can carry on reading when the sun goes down.

Take your library with you, and never be short of something to read.

8 THE 3DOODLER PS89.99, 3D printing you might already know about, but how about 3D drawing? If that's new to you, you might like to check out the 3Doodler - a pen that draws in 3D. Writing in the air, as the song didn't go. It's borderline magic. You can buy one at Maplin.

9 COZMO THE ROBOT PS169.99, COZMO is a magnificent AI powered robot - but you'll have to hurry to get your hands on one ahead of the big day. It's proving to be one of the must-have toys of Christmas 2017. And no wonder.

Makers Anki have hit the sweet spot between play and learning. Cozmo can teach you the basics of coding with its app's simplified drag and drop code block interface. But it's also a whole heap of fun.

10APPLE TV 4K PS179, APPLE'S latest TV box brings 4K streaming to the table - that's not unique, but Apple's beautiful simplified interface is. And despite being among the priciest or set-top boxes, you might think it's worth it for access to any iTunes films and TV shows you've bought (many of which will have been upgraded to 4K resolution for free if you originally bought them in HD).

Apple's upcoming TV app for Apple TV, which brings all the streaming and catch-up services together in one place - might make the Apple TV the only smart TV box you'll ever need.
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Dec 12, 2017
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