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UO building projects top '07 list.

Byline: Randi Bjornstad The Register-Guard

The University of Oregon was the big spender in terms of building permit applications in the city of Eugene during 2007, logging slightly more than $43 million in projects valued at $500,000 or more.

That sum included the most expensive project undertaken in the city, a new complex for the UO's college of education. The value of that building permit alone came to a shade under $23 million.

The site work alone for that project, priced at an additional $6 million, ranked fourth in size of all building permits issued in the city last year.

The three non-UO projects in the top five included a 187,000-square-foot warehouse for Lumber Products at 70 S. Bertelsen Road, valued at $6.75 million, followed by a $6.2 million medical building at 330 S. Garden Way and a $4.5 million, five-story commercial building for Arlie & Co. located at 2805 Shadow View Drive off Crescent Avenue.

Other projects that ranked in the $500,000-and-up category included nine more University of Oregon undertakings, three hotels, three single-family homes and six additional medical building projects.

Altogether, the city issued permits for new buildings valued at a total of $110 million, plus permits for alterations of existing structures with a total value of $76 million.

The amount of fees - for plan checking, administration and miscellaneous - collected by the city for those permits came to $5 million.

Eugene issued slightly more than 2,000 building permits during 2007, divided among about 375 new buildings - including 275 new single-family homes, and 64 new commercial buildings - and 1,600 projects that involved additions or alterations.

The valuation of the single-family homes came to more than $56 million, slightly more than double the $28 million in commercial development.

Apartments also played an important role, with 206 units in 12 complexes, valued at a total of $16.6 million.

About 70 of the building permits issued last year were valued at $500,000 or more.

But many others were small projects conducted by individual homeowners.

One couple with an address on Greiner Street received a permit to replace the pillars under the porch cover of their home. The permit was issued at no cost.

Building permits for installation of water heaters or other appliances generally came to about $500.

The first building permit of 2007, issued on Jan. 2, allowed homeowners on Mariau Lane to convert a patio to living space. They paid $2,000 for that permit.

University of Oregon building permits

The UO took out building permits in Eugene in 2007 on 11 projects valued at more than $500,000.

$22,900,000: 1655 Alder St.; new building complex for College of Education

$6,000,000: 1655 Alder St.; site work for education complex

$4,100,000: 1109 Old Campus Lane; architectural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing work on Robinson Theatre

$3,400,000: 1571 Alder St.; interior remodel of existing education building

$1,700,000: 1109 Old Campus Lane; two-story addition to the Robinson Theatre

$1,500,000: Carson Hall; lobby and dining room reconstruction

$1,000,000: 1571 Alder St.; remodel of east wing of existing education building

$725,000: Carson Hall; repairs

$675,000: 818 E. 15th Ave.; conversion of former fraternity house to offices

$650,000: 877 E. 16th Ave.; interior remodel to Education Addition building

$560,000: 901 E. 18th Ave.; interior remodel to clinical services building
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Title Annotation:Real Estate and Housing; The university took out building permits for a combined $43 million in projects valued at more than $500,000
Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Date:Jan 1, 2008
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