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 BOSTON, May 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Untraceable Phone Calls of Boston, has taken another step in providing phone privacy to the American public. "We now provide a service called 'Untraceable Phone Extensions" that allows any person to receive calls without the caller knowing where you are or even who you are," stated Richard Koch, president of Untraceable Phone Calls.
 Richard Koch describes the new service: "Here's how it works. Call 1-900-STOPPER which costs $2 a minute from a Touch-Tone phone. Follow the simple instructions which request you to dial in your secret number where you will be and receive your assigned phone extension number. Tell whoever you want to receive calls from to call 1-900-STOPPER first and enter in your extension number. Our system will call your secret number and your phone will ring. The person calling never knows your number, only your extension. There are no phone records to trace the caller to your phone number. The person calling you on STOPPER is charged for the call at the rate of $2 a minute -- not you.
 "Who would use such a service? Anybody that does not want top give their phone number out. Business people that travel need to receive important calls without revealing to the caller where they are. People that need to receive that one important call but don't want to give their car phone number out forever. Anyone that would like complete privacy when receiving a phone call.
 "The new 'extension' service works through 1-900-STOPPER (786-7737), the $2-a-minute phone privacy service now in its third year of operation. The basic service makes voice, fax, or data calls traceless by turning one call into two. The first call which is all that shows up on a caller's phone bill, connects the caller to an outbound AT&T WATS line. The caller gets a second dial-tone to make a second call which is not linked by phone company records with the first call to 1-900-STOPPER. STOPPER works for calls made anywhere in the U.S., Canada, or the Caribbean." STOPPER and RUN WELL utilize the facilities B.F.D. Productions, Inc. of Las Vegas, Nev., to host all of their services.
 Several months ago Koch took over STOPPER and its companion 1-900-RUNWELL, which for $5-a-minute allows people to make untraceable phone calls anywhere in the world. "STOPPER and RUNWELL are doing fine, but I soon realized we were only providing half a solution to the privacy issue. We provided anonymity for callers making calls but the people who receive calls also want anonymity. There is a privacy problem in need of a solution," Koch said.
 You know the problem that arises when you want someone to call you but you don't want to give your phone number to that person? You know the feeling you get when you want people to call you but you don't want them to know where you are or sometimes even who you are? "We came up with the perfect service," stated Will Dwyer II, president of Private Lines, Inc., the California company that pioneered phone privacy in the phone network and licensed STOPPER and RUNWELL to Untraceable Phone Calls.
 When you use "Untraceable Extensions" you receive an extension number and a personal ID number that lets you change your number when you travel or turn it off when you are done using the service. Since there is no subscription or sign-up for the service anyone can have one in a few minutes. Keep it for an hour or as long as you want. It's there when you need it. "It's a service everyone has been asking for," said Koch. "This is perfect for fax and voice mail box numbers that people don't want to made public," added Dwyer.
 A recorded explanation of how "Untraceable Extensions" works is available toll free on 1-800-US-PRIVACY (877-7482).
 Unlike other "call forwarding" services, Untraceable Extensions is just that -- untraceable. Nobody can ever go back to phone records and trace who called who. There simply aren't any records to associate the calls. An evaluation for Private Lines by H.W. William Caming, retired chief AT&T privacy counsel, of how the 900 hone privacy service safeguards anonymity, concluded it "greatly enhances privacy by eliminating virtually all telltale carrier record keeping." A Working Demonstration
 SITUATION: I am waiting to hear from you on an important matter. I do not want to give you my phone number or tell you where I am. I will be changing locations in the next few days.
 ACTION: I have called 1-900-STOPPER and put in my phone number. STOPPER gave me the extension number 9640. As I move I change my phone number and keep the same extension number. I tell you "When you are ready to talk to me call 1-900-STOPPER and follow the instructions to dial extension 9640."
 RESULT: I receive a call, we talk -- you pay $2 a minute on your phone bill. There are no phone records linking your call to STOPPER with the call I received. Even if your phone records and my phone records are subpoenaed there are no records to prove we ever talked. Two people having a private conversation.
 You can reach Richard Koch by calling 1-900-STOPPER, ext. 9640.
 -0- 5/20/92
 /CONTACT: Richard Koch, 617-784-9015, or Will Dwyer II, 310-858-7455, of Untraceable Phone Calls/ CO: Untraceable Phone Calls ST: Massachusetts IN: TLS SU: PDT

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