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UNOS Board oks timely release of institution-specific information.

The United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) announced it will begin releasing up-to-date, institution-specific information on organ donation and transplantation beginning this fall. The UNOS Board of Directors approved the initiative at its board meeting last month.

The data in the report will include three broad areas:

* demand for transplantation (such as waiting list size at transplant centers),

* organ supply (such as donors and organs recovered by organ procurement organizations (OPOS), and

* transplant center performance (such as current survival rates and an indication of how long patients wait at individual transplant centers).

UNOS says the data will be reported by demographics such as age range, gender and race, as well as factors relevant to specific organ types (for example, medical urgency status for heart and liver transplants and immune sensitivity level for kidney transplants).

The report, which will be in summary form and updated "at least annually," will be published in UNOS World-Wide Web site -
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Comment:UNOS Board oks timely release of institution-specific information.
Publication:Transplant News
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Date:Jul 16, 1999
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