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UNIVERSITY CHALLENGED; ' quiz-winning students tAKE TIME OUT FROMCELEBRATIONS TO POSE TOUGH TEST FOR READERSThink you're clever? Try academics' quiz.

Byline: | Jenny Morrison

The questions are famously too hard and mere mortals think they've done brilliantly by getting three answers right in the course of a half-hour episode.

But the devilishly difficult University Challenge teasers posed by Jeremy Paxman were nothing to the winning team from the capital last week.

University of Edinburgh students Robbie Campbell Hewson, Max Fitz-James, Marco Malusa and Matt Booth beat St Edmund Hall, Oxford, by 155 points to 140 in the final of the TV quiz show.

The young academics took time out from their celebrations to come up with their own University Challenge-style quiz exclusively for Sunday Mail readers.

And if you thought Paxman was tough, wait till you bend your head to this little lot. Don't rush - you have all day.

MARCO MALUSA, 22, Monfalcone, Italy. In his third year of an economics and politics degree. Currently on a year abroad at the University of Hong Kong.

1 Believed to be the possible subject of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, which Renaissance noblewoman, born in Ferrara in 1474, was well known to her contemporaries for her proclivity to intellectual activity, her innovative fashion sense and her effort for the patronage of the arts? Her "studiolo" in the Ducal Palace of Mantua attracted artists of the calibre of Andrea Mantegna, Perugino and Lorenzo Costa.

2 What five-letter name is shared in agriculture by the horizontal component of an animal's yoke and, in geology, by the characteristically-shaped lake that is formed when a meander is cut off from the stem of a river, for instance as a result of sediment deposition?

3 Born in Martinique in 1925, which French-speaking psychiatrist and philosopher authored books such as The Wretched Of The Earth and Black Skin, White Masks, in which he investigated psychological and political consequences of colonialism?

4 In cell biology, what is the name given to the short DNA fragments that are synthetised discontinuously on the lagging strand during DNA replication and are then linked together by the enzyme DNA ligase? They were named after the Japanese couple that discovered them.

5 Acknowledged as one of the greatest exponents of the Legalist school of thought, which ancient Chinese philosopher thought that the forceful use of reward and punishment by an all-powerful state was the way social harmony could be achieved? Important concepts in his philosophy include fa, shi, shu and wuwei.

5.Han Fei( Fragments Fanon zi) 3.

4.(Ibrahim) Okazaki d'Este Frantz 2.

1.Oxbow Isab ella Answers MATT BOOTH, 25, Bristol. In his fourth (and final) year of a PhD in mathematics, specifically studying algebraic geometry.

1 Scott Walker's My Death, Wendy Carlos and Rachel Elkind's opening for The Shining, and the Songe d'une nuit du Sabbat movement of Hector Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique all quote the plainchant melody of which Latin hymn, written in trochaic metre and describing the Last Judgement?

2 Probably coined by Drummond of Hawthornden and used by Samuel Johnson in a chapter about Abraham Cowley, which word describes a loose group of 17th century poets including John Cleveland, George Herbert and Andrew Marvell?

3 In mathematics, which word is used to describe the following: a scheme whose local rings are integrally closed domains; a topological space satisfying axiom T4; a number with a uniformly distributed optical sequence of digits; a subgroup invariant under conjugation; and a vector perpendicular to a surface in 3-dimensional space?

4 Which legendary king of Uruk lost a pikku and a mikku carved out of the wood of the huluppu tree by the goddess Inanna, and defeated the Bull of Heaven and the giant Humbaba with the help of his wildman companion Enkidu?

5 Nataraja, a canvas of coloured diamonds, and Blaze, a black-andwhite series of nested circles created by bent lines, both of which are by Bridget Riley, are works in which visual art style, an early exhibition of which was 1965's The Responsive Eye? optical Op Gilgamesh (or 3.Normal 2.

Metaphysical 1.

Dies Irae Answers MAX FITZ-JAMES, 27, Beaune, Burgundy, France. Studying for a PHD in Cell Biology.

1 What specific physical characteristic is shared by the giant Thunderdell in the tale of Jack the Giant Killer, the dog Orthrus that was killed by Herakles in Greek mythology, and a Roman god whose namesake gates in Rome would be opened or closed in times of war or peace, respectively?

2 Renishaw Hall in 1980, a combination of Lyme Park and Sudbury Hall in 1995 and Chatsworth House in 2005 are among the filming locations that have been used to represent what fictional stately home in film and television adaptations of a novel of 1813?

3 Commonly depicted in fantasy works as a skeleton with magical powers, what four-letter name for an undead creature begins the names of: a cathedral city 16 miles north of Birmingham, a branching fractal figure representing a lightning bolt and a composite organism resulting from the symbiosis of an alga and a fungus?

4 Taking inspiration from a celebrated Italian baroque painter, the 17th century artists Hendrick ter Brugghen, Dirck van Baburen and Gerrit van Honthorst all belonged to a school of art associated with which city? The same city gives its name to a major European treaty of the early 18th century.

5 In avian anatomy, what common name is given to the furcula, a part of the skeleton which evolved by fusion of the two clavicles to allow for flight? wishbone and Utrecht) of The 5.the (Peace Caravaggisti the Utrecht Lich 4.

3.Utrecht Lichtenberg, Lichen)from (Prejudice) Lichfield, (faces & two Pride Pemberley 2. have heads/ They two 1. Answers ROBBIE CAMPBELL HEWSON, 22, Edinburgh. In his final year of a five-year maths degree.

1 "Petty, immature, possessing neither by experience nor talent any managerial ability at all" was the judgment of the employment tribunal ruling against which manager after he had filed for wrongful dismissal by St Mirren in 1978?

2 An ancient unit of weight, what six-letter word gives its name to a parable in both Matthew and Luke about a king who leaves three servants five, two and one of such units and then departs for a long period of time? The servants' use and misuse of these units gave the principal meaning, that of skill or ability.

3 Who is known variously as "bloody", because of his suppression of covenanters in Galloway, and "bonnie", because of his army's victory and his own death at Killiecrankie, where he led a Jacobite force of 2400 against an army of 5000?

4 Which member of the Imperial War Graves Commission chose "Known Unto God" as an epitaph for unidentified bodies? After his son John's death at Loos, he wrote My Boy Jack, a poem ostensibly about the Battle of Jutland, to process his grief.

5 Paul Keating described a holder of which position as a "pumped up bunyip potentate" for dismissing the Labor government of Gough Whitlam? A representative of the Queen, they formally have powers such as dissolving parliament and granting assent to bills? of 5.

Australia Governor 4.

Rudyard General Bonnie Laird Kipling Dundee of Claverhouse/ 3.

John Ferguson Grahame, 2.

1.Talent Sir Alex Answers A mourner wearing Lyra McKee at St Anne's dissident republican Minister Theresa May,


TEASERS Quiz host Jeremy Paxman
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