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POLICE are investigating an arson attack that saw the car of Newcastle United player Andy Carroll burnt out.

The Range Rover was targeted while on the drive of team-mate Kevin Nolan's Darras Hall home - with whom Carroll is staying as a condition of his bail after being charged with assaulting a teenager.

Nolan's garage door was also daubed with graffiti referring to the Gateshead-born frontman, who appeared in court earlier in the week over allegations he attacked former girlfriend Laurie Henderson, 18.

Yesterday police were examining the remains of Carroll's car, which he bought recently to celebrate being awarded a new five-year contract by the Magpies.

The chrome-plated 4x4, which was partially obscured behind parked cars and an ornamental stone garden fountain, looked badly fire damaged, with its bonnet open and windows smashed.

A Northumbria Police patrol car blocked the entrance to the drive. Nolan's graffiti-damaged garage door was covered with a sheet, beneath which the letters "WI" could be seen sprayed in black paint.

A Northumbria Police spokesman said: "The fire was extinguished by the fire and rescue service and no one was injured. The garage door of the property was also vandalised. Police are appealing for anyone with information to contact them."

Carroll is living with Nolan after appearing in court accused of assaulting an ex-girlfriend. He was arrested in the early hours of Sunday morning after police were called to a house in Ponteland where an 18-year-old had suffered head injuries. The Gateshead-born forward appeared before Hexham Magistrates' Court on Monday, where he told the bench he was currently living at Jesmond Dene House hotel, in Newcastle.

His case was adjourned until January, with a condition of his bail that he lives at Nolan's home. A low loader equipped with a crane and a tow truck arrived at Nolan's house at 1.30pm. Recovery men wrapped the wrecked vehicle in a black tarpaulin and used the crane to lift it on to the back of the low loader. An hour later, Carroll and Nolan, along with fellow Newcastle United player Ryan Taylor, arrived at the house in a black Range Rover.

The pair got out and Carroll looked at his ruined car for five minutes. Soon after, the tow truck and low loader left the property, carrying Carroll's vehicle away.


ARSON ATTACK Andy Carroll's burned-out car outside the house of Kevin Nolan, where the star is staying since his appearance in court. Top right, Andy Carroll in training yesterday. Bottom right, Kevin Nolan removes police tape from outside his house
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
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Date:Oct 22, 2010
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