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UNITED BANKER'S BANK TO BEGIN CHECK IMAGE EXCHANGE., Orlando, Fla., a leading application service provider (ASP) for correspondent institutions and community financial institutions, has announced that United Banker's Bank (UBB) the wholly owned correspondent banking subsidiary of United Bankers' Bancorporation, Inc., has pioneered with to become the first Community Host on the On-We Network to begin check image exchange among their community financial institution customers. UBB has over 700 customers in a market area that extends across the 9th Federal Reserve District and beyond. created On-We Network to maximize intermediation of correspondent institutions in image exchange among community financial institutions. On-We Network Community Hosts (Co-Host), such as UBB, perform clearing and settlement functions for customers in their network community. Community financial institutions ultimately gain with what can be their highest benefit solution for check image exchange.

"Joining the On-We Network as an image exchange Co-Host has positioned UBB to deliver the benefits of image presentment to our community bank owners and customers," stated William C. Rosacker, president of United Bankers' Bank. "UBB customers have access to a complete Check 21 solution that is designed for the specific requirements of community financial institutions."

Community financial institutions need technology that enables them serve and expand their markets at a reasonable cost while competing with technology used by nationwide banks. The On-We Network exchanges files using the national standard x9.37 file format with operations conducted under the ECCHO Rules for check image exchange. "The On-We Network is designed to rapidly create new value among the participants and to generate new aggregate clearing options between those participants and other institutions across the U.S. The total potential volume of image exchanges from this design is significant," commented David Walker, president and CEO of ECCHO.

On-We Network supports an open approach to how institutions interact for check image exchange," explained Eric Goering, president and CEO of "Images entering the On-We Network can be captured at the first point of presentment, through image deposits, or as an imaged cash letter. can provide these capture services or accept image files from other sources as long as the files conform to x9.37 standards."

On-We Network's unique approach is designed to deliver the least cost to its members while serving all of their image exchange needs. Community Hosts are not burdened with managing thousands of endpoints, many of which may never be used by the member organizations within their On-We Network Community. It is anticipated that each Co-Host's network will clear over 80 percent of imaged items over time. The remaining items will be fed into selected national exchanges. With this approach, the average item exchange fees for an On-We Network member can be less than what national exchanges charge while typically improving funds availability.

About, Inc. specializes in the design and delivery of web-based applications for the financial services industry and delivers them through correspondent processing organizations. Its On-We Network provides a low cost option for community bank image exchange through a series of On-We Network Community Hosts. Over 2,000 financial institutions utilize one or more services daily to originate and process ACH, wire, and imaged check transactions valued in excess of one billion dollars., Inc. is a privately-held Kansas corporation, and was founded by and is operated by bankers. maintains two offices and data centers in Kansas and an office in Dallas, Texas.

For more information, visit and

About UBB

Headquartered in Bloomington, Minnesota, United Bankers' Bank is the wholly owned correspondent banking subsidiary of United Bankers' Bancorporation, Inc. UBB provides a full range of banking services to community banks in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan, and Wyoming.


ECCHO is a not-for-profit national clearinghouse that is owned by its member banks. Formed in 1990, its primary objective is to fill the legal void created by mixing paper checks with electronics such as in the exchange of check images. ECCHO has also been recognized and is supported by many organizations as the national provider or ECP and image exchange rules. Membership in ECCHO is available to every depository financial institution. Current members hold deposits of approximately $2.9 trillion.

Additional information on ECCHO can be found at or call 214/273-3201.

For more information, visit or call 316/267-3200 ext. 104.
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Date:Mar 1, 2007

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