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 MCLEAN, Va., Aug. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Unisys Government Systems Group (formerly Paramax Systems) and its contractor team today announced their bid to deliver technical integration services under the Defense Technical Integration Services (DTIS) program for the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).
 The core members of the Unisys DTIS Team include Unisys Government Systems Group, GTE Government Systems Co., PRC Inc., Ogden Government Services, Inc., and American Management Systems, Inc. Small business members are BTG Inc., Performance Engineering Corp., DSD Laboratories Inc., Troy Systems Inc., ENTEK Inc., Systems Resources Corp., and Howard University.
 "We chose the members of the Unisys DTIS Team to provide exceptional technical strength in open-systems engineering, software engineering, communications, migration strategy development, functional process improvement and integration management," said Dr. W. Lee Shevel, vice president of corporate information systems at Unisys Government Systems.
 "Equally important," Shevel added, "we wanted broad domain expertise and significant prior experience supporting the Department of Defense's (DOD) warfighters. The Unisys DTIS Team represents an effective balance of capabilities, ranging from wide experience in mission support, to proven success in DOD warfighting information systems, to strengths in Functional Process Improvement and other essential methodologies."
 The goal of the DTIS program is to create a "system of systems" by vertically and horizontally integrating information systems throughout DOD. DISA's long-term challenge is to create a seamless information and functional infrastructure that will sustain two major initiatives: Defense Information Management (IM) and Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence for the Warrior (C4IFTW). DISA will select multiple contractor teams to deliver technical integration services to customer organizations at all levels of DOD.
 "DTIS will support the most complex information system integration and migration effort ever launched," Shevel said. "DISA has identified nearly 1,200 legacy mission-support applications, and more than 20,000 legacy C2 and Intelligence applications. Successful integration and migration will require coordination among hundreds of DOD components and thousands of programs with differing objectives. DTIS will impact every level, every functional area and all functional activities in DOD - the world's largest information technology enterprise. Our chief task under DTIS will be to help DISA implement its support mission in areas of technical integration and interoperability. We see our primary responsibility as helping DISA satisfy its customers fully. At Unisys, we call this concept Customerize. It has become the objective -- and the strategy -- throughout Unisys."
 The Unisys DTIS Team proposal includes an innovative integration and migration strategy built on the proven technique of middleware -- an integration and migration strategy and technique that is designed to achieve early successes and deliver real savings. Middleware translates data and protocols to make legacy systems immediately interoperable, allowing them to share data and facilitate cross-functional integration.
 Based in McLean, the Unisys Government Systems Group provides services and solutions to defense agencies and other federal government agencies in the United States, Canada and nations worldwide, and to selected U.S. public sector organizations. Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) is a leading information systems company with 60,000 customers in more than 100 countries. The company is a major supplier of information services and technology to financial service, government, telecommunications, airline and other commercial markets.
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Date:Aug 24, 1993

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