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 BLUE BELL, Pa., Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced the Open 2200/500 enterprise server and the new Open System 2200 (OS 2200) operating environment.
 The Open 2200/500 is the first product to deliver the robustness and performance of mainframe-class systems combined with the attributes of open systems -- all at a price point of current minicomputer offerings from other computer suppliers.
 The 2200/500 attains these new price/performance levels in large part through Unisys advances in CMOS packaging technology. CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor), first employed in entry level Unisys mainframes in 1987, has become the technology foundation for the Unisys enterprise server strategy. Unisys new implementation of CMOS provides users with the low-cost, high-performance, high-availability, scalable systems needed in today's competitive market. By combining CMOS with Unisys technology that provides nonstop-class multihost processing, the Open 2200/500 establishes the standard by which future enterprise servers will be measured.
 The 2200/500 bridges the previous gap between departmental servers and mainframe-class systems by giving users a virtually unlimited, seamless application growth path. Through its fully scalable design and the new OS 2200 operating environment, users can easily grow their systems to very large-scale enterprise server performance.
 In delivering the Open 2200/500 Systems, Unisys leads the industry in taking the mainframe into the realm of high-speed, easy-to-use, cost- efficient, open systems. "The 2200/500 design could be more than a year ahead of IBM in implementing CMOS general purpose technology." said James Cassell, vice president and service director, Large Computer Strategies, at Gartner Group.
 Unisys announced that first day orders of the Open 2200/500 exceed $50 million. The Open 2200/500 is priced at a level not previously achieved for systems in its class, with pricing starting at $350,000. Delivery of the 2200/500 begins in November 1993.
 "The 2200/500 represents a break from traditional mainframe systems," said Jeffrey Ehrlich, Senior Vice President engineering and operations, National Data Corporation (NDC), one of the first customers for the new system. "It delivers the cost advantages and environmental efficiencies of open systems type platform technology along with the maturity and robustness of a mainframe environment."
 Said Frank Brandenberg, corporate vice president and deputy to the president, Unisys Computer Systems Group, "The Open 2200/500 Systems are clearly positioned through aggressive price/performance to attract new applications and expand their role as an enterprise server. By employing CMOS and OS 2200 software products, we have been able to lower the cost of ownership for a system with both premium and open attributes. The system will be attractive to new customers as well as our largest base of current customers in our target markets -- airlines, telecommunications, financial services, public sector and other commercial markets. They demand high levels of resiliency, transaction volumes, security, and large data bases along with open attributes."
 The 2200/500 can be coupled with other 2200 Series systems through Unisys Extended Processing Complex (XPC), giving the customer an incremental growth path exceeding 600 times the smallest 2200 system without changing applications, databases or networks. The XPC provides nonstop-class multihost processing using highly parallel processing technology.
 Said Gartner Group's Cassell, "The Unisys XPC is the best solution for high-volume transaction users requiring performance, high availability, scalability and recoverability. It is at least two years ahead of the industry in providing this kind of capability in an OLTP environment."
 The 2200/500 is the latest enterprise server from Unisys, combining the robustness of traditional mainframes with the open attributes of today's client/server environments at the same price/performance levels of current minicomputer systems. Unisys has proven that CMOS technology can be used to reinvent the mainframe while other suppliers are in the early stages of development. By delivering the 2200/500, Unisys is well positioned to deploy future enterprise servers using CMOS-based technology designs rather than the bipolar, ECL technology used for conventional large-scale mainframe systems.
 The Open System 2200 (OS 2200) operating environment, delivers a complete suite of open services not normally associated with mainframes. OS 2200 becomes the first enterprise server operating environment to deliver a comprehensive set of open attributes, including POSIX compliance, Open/OLTP, open data management and open networking.
 Open services capabilities available with the OS 2200 environment without requiring changes to existing applications include:
 -- open networking, giving the highest level of interoperability in the industry
 -- POSIX compliance for portability, making Unisys the first to deliver this capability on the mainframe
 -- open data management, allowing data sharing between Unisys and non Unisys data bases
 -- open client/server interfaces, using the UniAccess suite of products to permit users to access hundreds of tools and applications using the SYBASE client/server architecture
 -- open system control and management for monitoring, and controlling a multivendor distributed computing environment
 These features along with enhancements to the robust services of high volume transaction processing, integrated database management and recovery, high availability, unlimited growth and high security combine to deliver the best of both worlds -- the open attributes with the robust features of mainframes -- to Unisys clients.
 Unisys will continue its commitment to combining high-integrity services with open attributes using open system standards on all platforms. Future announcements will cover the following areas: additional SQL access standards and remote data access, continued commitment to deploy POSIX standards, NIST Applications Portability Profile (APP), Government OSI Profile (GOSIP), Distributed Computing Environment (DCE), Distributed System Management (DSM).
 Unisys will also extend its Open/OLTP initiative to its enterprise servers. Open/OLTP implements the X/Open Distributed Transaction Processing framework for client/server OLTP.
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