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    DANBURY, Conn., Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Union Carbide Corporation (NYSE: UK) today announced a restructuring that will eliminate its four divisions and have nine strategic businesses report to Dr. William H. Joyce, UCC president and chief operating officer.  Dr. Joyce continues to report to UCC Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Robert D. Kennedy.
    The four divisions being eliminated are industrial chemicals, polyolefins, solvents and coatings materials, and specialty chemicals. These divisions reported to Dr. Joyce.
    The strategic businesses that will report to Dr. Joyce are: emulsion systems; ethylene oxide/glycol; ethylene oxide derivatives; hydrocarbons; polyolefins licensing; solvents and monomers; specialty polyolefins; specialty polymers and specialty products; and Unipol polymers.  In addition to these businesses, two groups, corporate ventures and purchasing, and engineering and operations will report to Dr. Joyce.
    "Simplicity, speed and strategic direction characterize the reasons for these actions, as well as what we expect to achieve," Mr. Kennedy said.  "This will improve communications, reduce redundancies, clarify responsibilities and further move us toward our $575 million cost reduction target," Dr. Joyce added.
    "Fewer layers of management and staff consolidation will help us reduce costs and speed up strategic and operations decision making in our businesses," Mr. Kennedy noted.
    Continuing to report to Mr. Kennedy, in addition to Dr. Joyce, are J.E. Geoghan, vice president, general counsel and secretary; M.A. Kessinger, vice president, human resources; R. Van Mynen, vice president, health, safety and environment; and J.K. Wulff, vice president, controller and principal accounting officer.  J.S. Byck, vice president, strategic planning, investor relations and public affairs, also will report to Mr. Kennedy.  Previously, Dr. Byck reported to Dr. Joyce.  G.E. Playford continues reporting to Mr. Kennedy in his role as principal financial officer.
    Reporting to Dr. Joyce are:
    -- E.J. Boros, vice president, general manager:  specialty polymers and specialty products, including polyvinyl acetate (PVA), Polyox water soluble resins, hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC), solution vinyl resins (SVR), peroxymeric chemicals (PXC), Amerchol, ethylidene norbornene (ENB), ketones, biocides, acrolein, and Specialty Coating Systems and London Chemical, both subsidiaries.
    -- D.L. Brucker, vice president:  process and project engineering, distribution operations; and manufacturing infrastructure management, in addition to chairing the Operations Council.
    -- J.F. Flynn, corporate vice president, general manager:  solvents and monomers, including coatings materials, as well as Unicarb, and responsibility for UC Pan Am, UC Puerto Rico, the Texas City plant and the distributor network.
    -- L.P. McMaster, corporate vice president, general manager: ethylene oxide/glycol, as well as responsibility for UC Asia-Pacific and Japan, the Taft, La., and Prentiss, Alberta, plants and crystal products.  Previously, Mr. McMaster, headed the industrial chemicals division.
    -- G.D. Mounts, vice president, general manager:  ethylene oxide derivatives, including ethanolamines, alkyl alkanolamines, gas treating chemicals, ethyleneamines, UCON lubricants and fluids, surfactants, formulated glycols and Carbowax, as well as the integrated solvents, monomers and ethylene oxide derivatives sales force and customer services organization.
    -- G.E. Playford, corporate vice president, general manager:  UCAR Emulsion Systems, as well as Umetco, UC Zimbabwe, and UCAR Carbon.  In his role as principal financial officer, Mr. Playford continues reporting to Mr. Kennedy.
    -- F.D. Ryan, vice president, general manager:  Unipol Polymers, including responsibility for the Star, La., plant, as well as Petromont, Performance Plastics, and Wedco, all located in Canada.
    -- D.C. Scheid, vice president, general manager:  specialty polyolefins, as well as responsibility for the Bound Brook, N.J., plant, the Brazil polyethylene business and NUC, a joint venture in Japan.
    -- J.C. Soviero, corporate vice president:  corporate ventures and purchasing with responsibility for UCC interests in new ventures, UOP (a joint venture with Allied Signal) and UC Europe.  He also has responsibility for the Kanawha Valley plants.  Previously, Mr. Soviero headed the specialty chemicals division.
    -- R.B. Staub, corporate vice president, general manager:  Unipol Systems (polyolefins licensing) and ethylene/propylene rubber, as well as responsibility for the Seadrift, Texas, plant.  Previously, Mr. Staub headed the polyolefins division.
    -- V.F. Villani, vice president, general manager:  hydrocarbons, as well as responsibility for raw material purchasing, natural gas and pipelines.
    Each of the strategic businesses is responsible for its day-to-day management, achievement of its annual budget and cost reduction targets, as well as the development and growth of its business.
    Messrs. Flynn, Playford, Soviero, Staub and Dr. McMaster, along with Drs. Joyce and Byck, also will work as a team to oversee and integrate the strategic direction of the businesses.
    F.J. Costello, head of the solvents and coatings materials division, has elected to retire.
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    CONTACT:  Ivana S. Tibbetts of Union Carbide, 203-794-7027

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