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Byline: Mike Litherland

RE you an Art Deco bronze collector? ACollecting bronzes can be a tricky business, indeed, there are many fakes about. The best way to purchase pieces is by auction, where specialists will have checked for authenticity.

One of the famous sculptors of Art Deco was Pierre Le Faguays, born in Nantes, France and became famous for the originality he gave his dancers, many of which were inspired by the statues of Tanagra (a town north of Athens).

He was a leading sculptor and his work is frequently praised for its high quality and attention to anatomical accuracy.

Fayral is one of two pseudonyms (Fayral and Guerbe) that were used by the French sculptor Pierre le Faguays (1892-1956 ), stamped on his figurines. The names Fayral and Guerbe were taken from the family names of his mother and his wife.

He was born in Nantes, France, and famous for the "stop action" figurines of his dancers. The illusion of movement, even when standing still was a very popular design during the Art Deco era, which was at its peak in the late 1920s.

Faguays was a close friend of fellow sculptor Max Le Verrier (1891-1973), who established the Le Verrier foundry during 1926, which cast pieces for a number of wellknown of French sculptors of that era, including Faguay's and those of Marcel ART DECO BRONZE Bourain. Le Verrier used his own alloy mix of metals which allowed exceptional detailing, which sets them apart from others of the Art Deco period.

These originals, cast in white metal, have an artificial bronze patina, which is part of its original design. This patina must be left intact to retain its value as an original. This advice also applies to any bronze or spelter figurine of this period - do not polish them.

Pierre le Faguay's originals cast by Le Verrier will have a foundry mark, unfortunately though the Fayral figures have been known to be recast from original molds and modern copies are still being produced.

Your can pay a few hundred to thousands of pounds for Art Deco bronzes, so make sure you are buying an original.

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 5, 2015
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