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UNBEVISABLE; THE PEOPLE SHERIFF CATCHING COWBOYS! CHAMPIONING YOUR RIGHTS Travel firm print WRONG info for honeymoon couple Their dream trip is cancelled yet bosses refuse to back down.


NEWLYWEDS Alessia and Eduirdo Gonzales missed out on their dream honeymoon because the groom was told he didn't need a visa - when really he DID.

The happy couple arrived at the airport the day after their wedding expecting to fly to Cyprus for a romantic seven-day break.

But check-in staff told Bolivian-born Eduirdo, 26, he couldn't board the plane because he didn't have the correct paperwork.

The couple, who had been given the pounds 509 holiday as a special wedding present from Alessia's mum and dad, were stunned.

When the bride's parents booked the trip at Going Places in Durham they were given a leaflet which claimed Bolivians did NOT need a visa. Kitchen worker Alessia, 22, of Newcastle upon Tyne said: "At the airport we thought it must be a mistake.

"But when I complained to the customer services desk they insisted there was nothing we could do. We had to go home.

"I was in floods of tears and devastated. It didn't just ruin our honeymoon. It meant we didn't even have one.

"Our wedding day was perfect but now all we can think about is the fact we didn't go away afterwards. It's such a shame."

The heartbroken husband and wife complained to Going Places about the loss of the trip in May with Libra Holidays.

But the holiday giant refused to help out, claiming it wasn't its fault. It insisted the couple should have checked the visa situation for Bolivians travelling to Cyprus - but NOT from the leaflet its staff gave Alessia's parents NOR from the website its staff recommended.

Alessia said: "When the holiday was booked, a member of their staff printed out information from a website which she claimed was from the Cypriot Embassy showing that a visa was not needed.

"But now I've discovered that the website has no link to the Cypriot Embassy and is littered with incorrect information.

"I accept that we should have checked but we did - on the website that Going Places suggested."

A Going Places spokesman said: "We were disappointed to hear Mr and Mrs Gonzales were unable to complete their holiday to Cyprus due to visa restrictions.

"They were offered help in obtaining information by the store's consultant.

"But when it became evident the official websites were giving conflicting advice about entry requirements for Bolivian nationals, Going Places made it clear that it is the personal responsibility of customers to seek the correct information and obtain any necessary visas."


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WEDDING: Before the shock; HOLIDAY PLACE: Cyprus
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Nov 11, 2007
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