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UNAM and Poly must produce anti-corruption ambassadors!

Dear sir,

I was very happy to see my fellow Namibian youths, from various higher education institutions as well as community activists, discussing ways how to eradicate corruption which has reached an alarming rate in the country on the NBC's Talk of the Nation programme.

The panellists started off by defining how they understand the meaning of corruption. Nonetheless, I was very disappointed by two students who were part of the discussions namely UNAM's student representative council (SRC) president Francine Muyumba and Polytechnic of Namibia's SRC Ashwell Forbes. These two students have demonstrated their incapability to set good, personal examples for their fellow youth.

Ms Muyumba made headlines earlier this year when she reportedly owed UNAM some N$1798 in unpaid tuition fees but she was still allowed to register at the expense of other poor students. Despite all that, she managed to register for the current academic year (2011). UNAM, which received N$500 million in State subsidies this year, approved N$13 600 for Muyumba's return ticket to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on her way back from Rwanda where a relative had passed away in April. In total, Muyumba received N$18,600 for the trip after an official in the Dean of Students department, a certain M. Nependa, asked the finance department to avail a further N$5000 as 'pocket money' for the bereaved SRC president.

It is still unclear whether Nependa's instructions to cash out for Muyumba were based on SRC basic requirements or this was an order from the 'high authority'. UNAM has not also pronounced itself whether the move was transparent or it was an act of dishonesty or favouritism.

Let me make this clear, corruption is indeed a problem in our society but changes must begin with ourselves.

What good deeds have these two students done and what moral ground do they have to deserve to be called "Ambassadors against Corruption"?

UNAM and Polytechnic both must be seen as institutions which are free of corruption and must produce true anticorruption ambassadors. We, the youth, want to hear as to what has happened to the two, alleged corruption cases as referred to above. Charity begins at home!

Winnie Moongo
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Title Annotation:Speak your mind!!!
Author:Moongo, Winnie
Publication:Namibia Economist (Windhoek, Namibia)
Date:Jul 22, 2011
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