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UN-believable; Not Syria, not Africa.. Britain is 'hell for girls'.

HOW is the United Nations, the so-called world's policeman, doing at the moment?

Take Syria and Iraq.

Is everything there under control?

Israel and Gaza?

Has the UN helped them sort out their differences?

ULikewise, that little spat between Ukraine, east Ukraine and Russia Has the presence of UN observers and advisers calmed things down?

Was Putin put back in his box?

Have Islamic State maniacs been forced by the UN to lay down their arms and stop kidnapping, torturing and butchering Christians - many of them school children - in Somalia, Kenya and Nigeria?

The answer to all these questions is a resounding "no".

Sad to say, the world is in a bit of a mess. And apart from setting up some refugee camps here and there, the United Nations has done nine-tenths of sod-all-squared about any of it. Until now.

Because at last the UN has an easy target in its sights. It's turning its fire on - Britain. What have we done wrong?

Well, we've voted in a a f d r n government whose policies of cuts to welfare and legal aid could apparently make it harder to prevent violent attacks on vulnerable women.

This is the view - formed after a fortnight's visit to do w t hd Britain last year and now enshrined in an official report - of a preposterous South African busybody called Rashida Manjoo.

She's a UN "special rapporteur" whatever that means. This absurd character calls for an overhaul of our legal system, which she claims is "widely perceived to be biased in favour of men". She is also calling for "restriction" of the media to prevent publication of "harmful" images of women which, she says, "facilitate" violence against girls.

She also attacks the police in Britain for their "indifference" towards victims of domestic violence. That is blamed on the "cuts". How ironic that Manjoo should cuts. How hc cht hail from South Africa - a country said by the UN to have more rapes per capita than anywhere else.

Recent estimates put the annual total there at 500,000. Few rapes are investigated or even reported and there are hardly any prosecutions leading to a conviction.

By the way, the taxpayer helps foot the bill for the drivel Manjoo spouts.

he M I wonder if she sees the daily news reports of genuinely oppressed and terrorised ne op women and young girls fleeing various hell-holes who continue to risk their lives wo va to crossing oceans in a desperate bid to get into Britain.

She might ask herself: Why would they want to live in such a horrible, hateful place?

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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion Column
Publication:The People (London, England)
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Date:Jun 21, 2015
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