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UN target practice.

ITEM: "Some 639 million guns are floating around the world despite a UN crackdown on illegal arms deals and a campaign to destroy weapons in former war zones, according to a new report," reported Reuters in the New Zealand Herald for July 9th.

The weapon survey was released "during a weeklong UN conference convened to promote enforcement of a 2001 global action plan intended to stem the bloodshed from small arms. Arms control activists told the conference ... that two years after the plan's adoption, more than 500,000 people a year are still being killed and millions more injured by small arms, whether in war, crimes, accidents or suicides."

BETWEEN THE LINES: The problem is not the guns. It's the people seeking to eradicate them. Former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr, who served as an official advisor with the U.S. delegation to the recently concluded UN gun-grab show, has noted that there is no empirical evidence of this statistic about 500,000 deaths. Gun control activists just cite one another in a circular fashion.

There should be no doubt where the gun grabbers have their sights set--ominously noting that, by "any measure, the United States is the most armed country in the world." There are plans to deal with this, including international registration and regulation of civilian firearms. Eventually, personal ownership would be outlawed.
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Title Annotation:Between The Lines
Author:Hoar William P.
Publication:The New American
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Date:Aug 25, 2003
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