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UN role in Gulf War.

UN Role in Gulf War

The allied forces destroyed Iraqi cities, bridges, means of communications and bombed schools, hospitals and civilians populations for 42 days. It was an unequal match. A pack of 30 hounds killing a rabbit and praising each other for their valiant deeds.

The Gulf crisis has exposed the performance and neutrality of the UN. Iraq charged the UN as subsidiary of US. During the talks between Saddam Hussain and UN Secretary General Perez-de-Cuellar in Baghdad, days before the outbreak of war, the Secretary General believed to have admitted the American pressure. Baghdad is said to have recordings of the dialogues of the two leaders in this regard. It is now admitted in responsible quarters that the 12 Security Council Resolutions requiring Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait were the result of what is labelled US hijacking of the UN. It may be recalled that in case of smaller countries like Granada, Panama, Argentine, Afghanistan and South Africa UN adopted low profile because the dealers of the game had veto power. The announcement of ceasefire came from Mr. Bush and not from the UN. This has clearly undermined the UN.

The UN resolutions against Iraq on Kuwait issue were unprecedented to the extent of fixing a deadline and authorising a third country and its allies to take military action. It is strange that the US was the biggest critic of UN and had not even paid its dues for over a decade, it got passed Resolution 678 and made every one believe that it authorised the use of force, when the UN had not been activated as such under Article 42-49 which deal with this matter and then without even an international decision the U.S. becomes the commander of Allied forces to initiate hostilities against Iraq. The movement of forces was rapid perhaps one of the most rapid deployments of US forces since the Second World War. There was no prior instance when resolutions of similar bearings were subjected to any time limit nor application of force by the third country. Settlement of disputes between two members cuntries is done through peaceful means. If at all force became inevitable it was applied under the auspices of UN force.

It is now up to the experts of the international law to give verdict whether application of force is envisaged in the UN charter especially through a third country instead of UN force. Another point to ponder is, the force applied on the behest of UN was within the mandate of UN resolutions to liberate Kuwait and not to go to the extent of annihilation of Iraq. Many countries including USSR complained that US apd ajj{gd forces exceeded UN mandate of liberating Kuwait. But the UN remained silent and the issue was not even discussed in the General Assembly. Five non-permanent members of the Security Council belonging to Africa as well as Cuba and Yemen tried to hold security council proceeds in open. They held the sessions of Security Council in camera because it was a heinous drama and public glare would have exposed the dark faces. Hectic efforts of these countries proved futile. Superpowers bulldozed each and every peace initiative. Even the unconditional declaration of withdrawal from Kuwait on the part of Iraq could not stop the hostilities. This is going far beyond the UN resolutions and the US led allies should be held responsible for the destruction.

The UN being a World organisation should follow democratic norms. Veto power is repugnant to a democratic approach as such it should be done away with. The world is entering into the 21st century so the justification of self imposed veto power of the victors of the war has become archaic. Decision in the Security Council should be taken on the basis of simple majority of all the member countries. Unless UN comes upto the expection it will continue to be a US led organisation and its fate would be similar to the League of Nations.

The Gulf War will be remembered as the one which killed the largest number of people in the shortest period of time. Even American commentators admitted that American bombs killed thousands of innocent children and women in their shelter and they should not be jubilant over their victories. There was round the clock carpet bombing and nobody counts. According to press reports it was the country's biggest press gag. No one tells about the killing. US-led coalition forces dropped more than 600,000 tonnes of explosives and yet no report about casualties. The allied forces destroyed Iraqi cities, bridges, means of communications and bombed schools, hospitals and civilians populations for 42 days. It was an unequal match. A pack of 30 hounds killing a rabbit and praising each other for their valiant deeds.
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Title Annotation:United Nations
Author:Raza, Moosi
Publication:Economic Review
Date:Feb 1, 1991
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