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UN General Assembly statement supports sexual rights.

Ina powerful victory for the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 66 nations at the UN General Assembly in December 2008 supported a statement confirming that international human rights protections include sexual orientation and gender identity. It is the first time that a statement condemning rights abuses against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people has been presented in the General Assembly. The statement drew unprecedented support from 66 countries in five continents, including six African nations. It reaffirmed "the principle of nondiscrimination, which requires that human rights apply equally to every human being regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity'. The statement condemned killings, torture, arbitrary arrest, and "deprivation of economic, social and cultural rights, including the right to health'. There was intense opposition, however, and 57 states signed an alternative text promoted by the Organisation of the Islamic Conference. According to calculations by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Association and other organisations, more than six dozen countries still have laws against consensual sex between adults of the same sex. The UN Human Rights Committee held in a 1994 decision that such laws are rights violations and that human rights law forbids discrimination based on sexual orientation. (1)

(1.) United Nations: General Assembly statement affirms rights for all. International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, 19 December 2008. At: <www. I >.

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