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UN Attack on World Population.

To UN family planners, human life is not sacred but is a plague afflicting "Mother Earth" that needs to be cured by coercive population control programs.

Decent people everywhere are horrified when they learn of China's indescribably brutal and totalitarian "one-child policy." The United Nations and its supporters, however, have steadfastly backed this program with funding and enthusiastic praise. What's more, they have been pushing relentlessly to export this coercive program from Communist China to the rest of the planet.

In China, the official one child per family policy means that factory committees and village committees are authorized by Communist authorities to keep a detailed record of their female employees' menstrual cycles, and have the power to grant or deny a married couple permission to have children. Women who become pregnant without a permit and women carrying their second child are subject to official harassment and threats until they agree to let the state kill their children through abortion. Many women who resist the official brow-beating are actually arrested, jailed, and forcibly made to undergo abortions. Millions of women are also forcibly sterilized.


In June 1998, Gao Xiao Duan testified before a U.S. congressional committee regarding the horrors of this program. Mrs. Gao was in a position to know. For 14 blood-soaked years, she had been in charge of an abortuary in a city of 60,000 people in China's Fujian province. As THE NEW AMERICAN previously reported:

Legislators listened in horror as Gao, who had recently fled China, described herself as a "monster" and the most hated woman in her city. Besides apologizing to the countless children and mothers whose lives she had destroyed, Gao gave grisly details of her sadistic career, a career she claimed was typical of those working for China's state-sponsored abortion industry. She recalled interviewing a woman nine months pregnant, whose papers had been stamped "no birth certificate allowed." The unfortunate woman was dragged into an adjoining room, where the baby was aborted and injected with poison as its limbs flailed helplessly. It was then tossed in a trash bin. Gao also described jail cells for noncompliant women, and an elaborate informant system complete with boxes for citizens to anonymously deposit cards with names of non-compliant neighbors. According to Gao, the houses of non-compliant women are sometimes wrecked, and detailed records are kept on all women's menstrual cycles, as well as their marital and reproductive histories.

This totalitarian program of forced abortion, sterilization, and infanticide, domestic spying, and invasion of the most private areas of peoples' lives has been generously underwritten by the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and the UN's World Bank, along with the International Planned Parenthood Federation and tax-exempt foundations like the Ford, Turner, and Rockefeller Foundations. In 1983, UNEPA gave an award to China's Qian Xinzhong for having "implemented population policies on a massive scale."

Those vaunted "population policies" include genocide against ethnic and religious minorities in China's occupied lands. This has been most ruthlessly applied in the mountain kingdom of Tibet, which the Communist government of China has occupied since 1949.

Tears of Silence: Tibetan Women and Population Control, a 1994 report by the Tibetan Women's Association in Dharamsala, India, details the oppressive depopulation campaign being waged against the Tibetan people -- a campaign receiving assistance from UNICEF and the United Nations Family Planning Agency. The Communist Central Committee and State Council responsible for control of population growth have stated, "family planning should be practiced among minority nationalities to raise the economic and cultural levels of minority areas and to improve national quality." In 1993, the Communist Chinese authorities announced a new law, "On Eugenics and Health Protection," designed to "avoid new births of inferior quality and heighten the standards of the whole population." The threat of "inferior quality," according to this new law, is from those segments of the population coming from "the old revolutionary base, ethnic minorities, the frontier and economically poor areas" -- which is to say, the non-Chinese Tibetans.

Humanity Is the Enemy

The internationalist utopians who run the United Nations, and those who comprise the membership of powerful, elitist groups that promote, guide, and direct the UN, intend to fasten China's totalitarian population program upon the rest of the world. These elitists, including some of the planet's wealthiest individuals, insist that the Earth is so overpopulated that drastic, tyrannical policies must be adopted. "Lifeboat earth" is so overcrowded, they say, that we must begin throwing some of the passengers overboard. They are not, however, giving up their places in the lifeboat.

The globalists at the elite and very influential Club of Rome, for instance, revealed much about their totalitarian agenda in their 1991 book, The First Global Revolution. Among the many self-indicting admissions in that report, we find this:

In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.... All these dangers are caused by human intervention.... The real enemy, then, is humanity itself. One of the prime movers in the Club of Rome is Maurice Strong, the Canadian socialist billionaire who served as the secretary-general of the UN's Earth Summit (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro. At UNCED, Strong deplored the world's "explosive increase in population," and warned, "we have been the most successful species ever; we are now a species out of control." "Population," he declared, "must be stabilized, and rapidly."

How would this be accomplished? A chilling hint is provided by the late Jacques Cousteau, the famed leftist oceanographer.

Cousteau was one of the most enthusiastically received dignitaries at UNCED. Just a few months before the Rio summit, Cousteau told the UNESCO Courier:

Our society is turning toward more and more needless consumption. It is a vicious circle that I compare to cancer.... The damage people cause to the planet is a function of demographics -- it is equal to the degree of development. One America burdens the earth much more than twenty Bangladeshes.... This is a terrible thing to say. In order to stabilize world population, it is necessary to eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it's just as bad not to say it.

At the summit, Cousteau warned that "the fuse connected to a demographic explosion is already burning." At most, he said, humanity has 10 years to put it out. The famed oceanographer urged "drastic, unconventional decisions" if the world is to avoid reaching the "absurd figure of 16 billion human beings" by the year 2070. This theme was echoed by many other UNCED speakers. Agenda 21, UNCED's mammoth environmental manifesto advocating global regimentation of all human society, calls for some $7 billion per year to implement "intensive programmes" for population stabilization. What that means, in plain English, is that the UN is demanding a lot more money to expand its population control programs of sterilization, abortion, and universal access of children and youth to contraceptives and exploitive "sex education."

A 1994 report issued by the United Nation's Cairo Conference on Population and Development announced plans to regulate the most intimate of family matters: "The promotion of the responsible exercise of these rights [marriage and childbearing] for all people should be the fundamental basis for government- and community-supported policies and programmes in the area of reproductive health, including family planning." (Emphasis added.) Of course, "responsible" is defined by the UN globocrats to fit their agenda. The same UN Cairo report states that "reproductive health care in the context of primary health care should ... include ... abortion...."

According to Dr. Norman Myers, an advisor to the World Bank, the World Resources Institute, and various UN agencies, the populations of industrial nations such as Britain, Russia, and America should be reduced by nearly one-half. A fan of Communist China's despotic policies, he recommends reproductive licensing:

Government population-control policies using strong economic and social incentives have been effective in China and Singapore.... Is it too farfetched to imagine that one day people might be issued with a warrant entitling them to have a single child -- a type of green stamp?

One of the UN's wealthiest and most boisterous private supporters is billionaire "world citizen" Ted Turner, whose United Nations Foundation has donated tens of millions of dollars to UN projects. According to Turner, an avid proponent of global depopulation, "people who abhor the China one-child policy are dumb-dumbs...."

At the 1999 Global Forum for corporate CEOs hosted in China by Fortune magazine and Time Warner, Inc., Turner schmoozed and dined with the butchers of Tiananmen Square and declared, "I am a socialist at heart."

If the United Nations is not stopped -- and, ultimately, abolished -- one-world socialists like Turner, Strong, Myers, and Rockefeller, along with their Communist Chinese comrades, will impose their totalitarian population programs upon the rest of us.
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