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UMI/Data Courier offers database tape-leasing.

UMI/Data Courier Offers Database Tape-Leasing

UMI/Data Courier, producer and marketer of online databases, has announced a program to offer tape versions of its popular databases, including ABI/Inform and Business Dateline.

"One of the most active areas in this industry recently has been database tape leasing, sometimes called local online," said Rick Noble, Data Courier's Director of Online Marketing. "Tape leasing lets us offer the many benefits of a complete, in-house database system. Customers can have unlimited database access at a fixed annual fee."

Many companies are searching for a way to limit or fix their information costs without limiting the information. The answer is leasing tapes of databases. Any large-scale user, especially those needing multiple ports in multiple locations can benefit from tape leasing.

With an initial search-software investment, an in-house system can have unlimited access time, with simultaneous searching of single or multiple Data Courier databases from an almost unlimited number of terminals or access points.

Pricing is determined by the databases included and the number of potential access points. Any or all Data Courier databases are available for lease, including:

ABI/INFORM, the business and management database, contains indexed, 150-word abstracts of articles from 800 business journals published worldwide.

Business Dateline, the source for local and regional business information, incorporates indexing with the full text of articles from over 200 U.S. and Canadian business publications. Local in focus, international in scope.

Dissertation Abstracts, the source for original academic findings, methodologies and opinions, includes indexing for more than one million doctoral dissertations and masters theses published since 1861. Since July, 1980, each record contains 350-word abstracts and bibliographic information. Each year, approximately 35,000 titles are added, representing more than 550 universities.

Newspaper Abstracts, a source of news and commentary on worldwide events, contains indexing and concise abstracts for articles from 25 major newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today and The Washington Post. Unique comprehensive coverage since January 1989, Newspaper Abstracts contains more than one million citations and adds more than 10,000 weekly.

Periodical Abstracts, the complementary source to Newspaper Abstracts for news, business-information and general-reference, covers 450 Wideranging journals, including Forbes, Barron's, Rolling Stone and Time. In 1991, this coverage will more than double, exceeding 900 source publications. Periodical Abstracts adds more than 3,000 citations per week and shares the same controlled vocabulary and authority files with Newspaper Abstracts.

PNI (Pharmaceutical News Index) includes index summaries with person, product, company, and agency names, fully covering 21 major U.S. and international specialized industry publications.

Data Courier's databases are loaded and updated on tape in MARC format on 6250 BPI 9-track tape or 3480 cartridge, suitable for most mainframe computers.

"We offer full technical support required for systems analysts and programmers to load our databases," reports Valerie MacLeod, Documentation & Systems Manager, "as well as record-layout and database-specific support."

All tape-lease customers can still receive free search help (weekdays, 8:30 to 5:00, EST) and fast, convenient article-delivery service for most cited articles. Also, full-text backup for most indexed publications is available from UMI in a variety of formats for on-site access.

"Database tape leasing has been available since 1974, so it is, in a sense, one of our oldest services," said Ms. MacLeod. "But only recently have so many organizations had the networks in place to exploit the power of local online."
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Publication:Information Today
Date:Apr 1, 1991
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