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UMAX Offers Market-Driven Software Bundles for PowerLook & Mirage Series Professional Scanners.

FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 6, 1999--

UMAX Technologies, Inc., a leader in award-winning imaging and computer technologies, today announced four new software bundles for the PowerLook 3000, PowerLook III, and Mirage II professional scanners, specifically designed to meet the needs of photographers, prepress professionals, and graphic designers. These new bundles: PowerColor Photo/PrePress, Mac Design Pro, Win Design Pro, and Duo Design are complete scanning solutions featuring powerful software applications designed to meet the imaging and project management requirements of digital imaging professionals.

Designed to meet the graphics and imaging needs of photographers, prepress professionals, and graphic designers, the four new professional scanner software bundles are as follows.

- PowerColor Photo/PrePress Software Bundle

 Designed for photographers and prepress professionals, the
 PowerColor Photo/PrePress bundle offers users the necessary tools
 to provide complete control over scanned images. UMAX scanners
 combined with the PowerColor Software offer a solution providing
 sophisticated color correction and control features, rivaling the
 capabilities of drum scanners. Compatible with both Macintosh and
 Windows systems, the bundle also includes direct access to the
 Canto Cumulus Desktop Media Asset Management (MAM) tool, offering
 graphic professionals a quick, time-saving method of organizing,
 categorizing and locating their image catalog.

- Mac Design Pro and Win Design Pro Software Bundle

 For professional graphic designers, the Mac Design Pro and
 Win Design Pro bundles deliver professional scanning results in a
 few easy steps. Compatible with Windows or Macintosh systems, the
 bundles combine search and cataloging abilities through the Canto
 Cumulus Desktop MAM tool. Professional designers will also
 appreciate binuscan PhotoPerfect Master's automatic color
 corrections, CMYK separation capability for in-house reliable,
 professional results, as well as the ability to use their
 expertise to manually color correct images with UMAX MagicScan
 software. The Mac Design Pro and Win Design Pro bundles also
 include Adobe Photoshop LE, and Xerox Textbridge Classic OCR

- Duo Design Software Bundle

 The Duo Design software bundle offers graphic designers a
 complete, easy-to-use scanning solution featuring a range of
 color control and manipulation options via UMAX MagicScan
 Scanning Software and binuscan PhotoPerfect Advanced Software.
 The bundle includes automated and comprehensive manual scanning
 controls and powerful image acquisition and enhancement features.
 The automated features empower less experienced users with the
 ability to achieve professional-quality results. Compatible with
 both Macintosh and Windows systems, the bundle also includes
 Adobe Photoshop LE, and Xerox Textbridge Classic OCR software.

Color Correct Images as You Scan with PowerColor

The PowerColor software bundle combines sophisticated drum scanner control with UMAX' powerful hardware to deliver professional quality scans. Powered by a real-time 48-bit density color engine, PowerColor Photo relies on raw film density without predefined tables, delivering unprecedented results with negatives regardless of film type. Unlike most popular graphics applications, PowerColor's new unsharp masking tool gives users complete control over all aspects of sharpening, including independent tonal areas, color and mono edges, sharpening, smoothness, and threshold. PowerColor Press utilizes a separate density-to-dot CMYK engine to create highly accurate separations, ideal for prepress demands. PowerColor Press is also highly configurable, allowing press operators to account for ink sets and paper types through user-definable tables and closed-loop calibration.

Catalog and Retrieve Your Scanned Images with Canto Cumulus Desktop

Canto Cumulus Desktop asset management software allows graphics professionals to search, catalog and categorize virtually any type of digital media from scanned images and graphics to page layouts and presentations. This program simplifies media file storage and eliminates the frustrating process of endlessly searching for files by easing the cataloging and retrieval process. The application automatically captures detailed file data including format file type, resolution, and file name during the tracking process and stores the information in a searchable database. Now users can quickly and easily locate digital files, regardless of where they are stored, on a hard drive, corporate network, ZIP, JAZ, or Syquest drive and without having to launch the original application.

Out of the Box Compatibility With New PowerMacintosh G3

Each of the Macintosh-compatible bundles, Photo/Prepress, Mac Design Pro and Duo Design includes a SCSI card to provide compatibility with the new PowerMacintosh G3 computers--right out of the box. Apple moved away from the traditional SCSI-based computers by introducing the PowerMacintosh G3. This requires users to purchase a SCSI card to connect their scanner or other peripheral devices to their system, leading to further difficulties with SCSI card and software incompatibility. Now UMAX is including a PowerMacintosh G3 compatible SCSI card and drivers with the PowerLook 3000, PowerLook III, and Mirage II scanners, to allow users to focus on choosing the right scanner for their needs rather than worrying about technical issues.

Pricing and Availability

See the chart below for pricing information. Existing owners of the PowerLook 3000, PowerLook III, or the Mirage II may purchase a PowerColor Photo/PrePress software bundle upgrade at a discounted price. See Web site for details. For additional information about UMAX and its products, or to contact a local UMAX PowerVAR, call (510) 651-4000 or (800) 562-0311.

Scanner Software Bundle SRP Availability
PowerLook 3000 PowerColor $7695 Macintosh version
 Photo/PrePress available immediately
 Windows version
 available Q3
 Mac Design Pro $7295 Immediately
 Win Design Pro $7295 Immediately
PowerLook III PowerColor $2195 Available Q3
 Mac Design Pro $1795 Immediately
 Win Design Pro $1795 Immediately
 Duo Design $1395 Immediately
Mirage II PowerColor $2995 Available Q3
 Mac Design Pro $2595 Immediately
 Win Design Pro $2595 Immediately
 Duo Design $2295 Immediately
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