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UM Project cranks up the volume with a harmonious collaboration.

Mixing consoles enable musicians to refine the dynamics of their audio output, but custom builds of the apparatuses are a languishing art. Not only does the unwieldy gear cost a small fortune, but the proliferation of digital tools has supplanted the need for a more analog approach. "They're a quasi-life commitment," says Francois Chambard, who designs furniture under the name UM Project. The Brooklyn-based maker has established a niche integrating old and new technology seamlessly. For recording studio The Motherbrain, UM fused a rare, 1960s-era console by Austrian manufacturer Wiener Schwachstrom Werke with a more contemporary modular line mixer and a touch-sensitive digital controller to create a streamlined hybrid unit. The mid-century-style bent-wood side panels bookend the piece to pleasing effect.--J.K.

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Title Annotation:IDEAS IN DESIGN
Author:Kushins, Jordan
Article Type:Brief article
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Jan 1, 2013
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