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ULVAC Develops and Commercializes the Low Environmental Burden G-TRAN Series 'Multi Ionization Gauge SH2'.

'Multi Ionization Gauge SH2' Can Connect Sensor Heads with Different Measurement Range

Chigasaki, Japan, Sept 5, 2011 - (JCN Newswire) - ULVAC, Inc. is pleased to announce that we have developed, commercialized, and will start selling the G-TRAN Series "Multi ionization Gauge SH2", which is a transducer type that can connect gauge heads with different measurement ranges, in October 2011.


It is impossible for vacuum instruments to measure a wide range including atmospheric pressure (10+5 Pa) to high vacuum (10-8 Pa) using a single principal. Therefore, different instruments are used to measure the different ranges, such as the Pirani gauge or diaphragm gauge to measure a wide ranging vacuum from atmospheric pressure to the low vacuum range and the ionization vacuum gauge to measure the range from a medium vacuum to a high vacuum. However, customers would like to be able to measure a wide range of vacuum using a single vacuum gauge. In order to meet the needs of customers, a new combined vacuum gauge has been introduced that can measure apparent wide range of vacuum ranges with a single gauge head by combining multiple principles into a single unit.

However, this kind of conventional combined vacuum gauge has certain problems including, (1) the entire gauge head has to be replaced if one of the gauge heads failed, (2) the gauge heads are more complicated and break easily, (3) the gauge heads are expensive.


With these issues in mind, ULVAC have developed and commercialized the G-TRAN "Multi ionization Gauge SH2" (patent pending) transducer type that could connect gauge heads with different measurement ranges. The newly developed G-TRAN Series "Multi Ionization Gauge SH2" is separation type wide range vacuum gauge that can connect three different types of vacuum gauges by incorporating signal from Pirani gauge "SPU" and Atmospheric sensor "SAU".

In addition to being able to select the gauge head to meet the desired vacuum range by the customer, the vacuum gauge also has following advantages.

(1) Possible to measure a wide range (atmospheric pressure to high vacuum range; 5 x 10-8Pa)

(2) Possible to replace only failed gauge heads

(3) Possible to reduce running costs (low environmental burden type)

With the new G-TRAN Series "Multi ionization Gauge SH2" it is possible to select the gauge head for the range that needs to be measured. The heart of the new product is the "Multi ionization gauge SH2" unit which can measure ranges from a medium vacuum to a high vacuum. A wide range of measurements can be performed by using the Pirani gauge (SPU) if a low vacuum range measurement is required, or connect the Atmospheric sensor (SAU) if you would like to precisely measure atmospheric pressure. For this product we focused our development on usability by including a warning function that let the user know when the filament life is low and a highly visible LED that will let the user know from afar when a malfunction has occurred. The price of the consumable Multi ionization gauge head was also lowered to half of original market price.

Sales Price and Objectives

The price of the G-TRAN Series "Multi ionization Gauge SH2" combined vacuum gauge will be 120,000 yen for the SH2 Multi ionization gauge unit for measurements between the medium and high vacuum range, 180,000 yen for the SH2 and SPU Pirani gauge connection type that can measure from low to high vacuum range, and 230,000 yen for the type which includes the SH2, SPU and SAU pressure sensor that can measure from the atmospheric pressure to high vacuum range. The consumable Multi ionization gauge head for SH2 is 40,000 yen. The target for the initial sale year is 500 units and 5,000 units in fiscal year 2013.

The actual G-TRAN Series "Multi-Ion Gauge SH2" was on display at the ULVAC booth from August 31 (Wed.) to September 2 (Fri.), 2011 at the Japan Vacuum Show 2011, held at the Tokyo Big Sight (West Hall 1, Booth No. 8).


ULVAC (Ultimate in Vacuum), Inc. (TSE: 6728) has been a leader in vacuum technology industry since its establishment in 1952. The company has always provided lines of equipment and production systems that form the core of state-of-art production processes in the areas of flat panel display, solar cell, semiconductor and electronics. The company has not only provided equipment but also materials, analysis, evaluation and other services, which are integrated into ULVAC Solutions. For more information, please visit

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Publication:JCN Newswires
Date:Sep 5, 2011
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