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 NEWARK, N.Y., Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Ultralife Batteries, Inc. (NASDAQ: ULBI) has been notified that its research on advanced technology lithium batteries will be funded with a $750,000 contract from the United States Department of the Army. Ultralife expects to finalize the formal Department of Defense contract shortly. The funding will enable Ultralife to continue its development of safe, reliable, high-energy lithium batteries designed to replace the existing power sources in most of the Army's wireless communications equipment, including field transceivers and data scramblers.
 Ultralife, a leading manufacturer of lithium batteries, will deliver to the Army a lithium manganese dioxide version of the battery known as BA-5590, one of the most widely used batteries in the military. To improve the BA-5590, Ultralife is introducing a new design concept called the Thin-Pack(TM) -- a battery that is uniquely flat and flexible. Because Thin-Pack(TM) batteries are made with lithium, they offer many advantages, including a very high energy density, wide operating temperature range, long shelf life, light weight, and low cost- to-energy ratio. In addition, Ultralife's batteries are more resistant to abuse, safer to use, and more environmentally friendly than the existing chemistry.
 In a parallel effort, Ultralife is developing a whole series of lithium Thin-Pack(TM) batteries, creating many new shapes and sizes for a wide variety of applications. The abundance of forms is achievable, in part, because of special pliable laminate materials used in the manufacturing process. "We believe there is a tremendous future in thin cells," said Ultralife's Chairman and Chief Executive, Bruce Jagid. "Since we can change the configuration of our batteries almost infinitely, we can offer the customer a superior lithium power source that's tailor-made for virtually any application they might have."
 In addition to its products for military and industrial applications, Ultralife manufactures and markets its U9VL lithium 9-volt battery -- the longest-lasting 9-volt battery in the world -- and various other consumer lithium energy products.
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 /CONTACT: Julius Cirin of Ultralife Batteries, Inc., 315-332-7100/

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Date:Jan 6, 1994

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