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ULRIKA LOVES SVEN; Mum: TV star is happy with football coach.


ULRIKA JONSSON'S mum yesterday revealed her daughter might have found love at last with England boss Sven Goran Eriksson.

Gun Brodie spoke out as the football manager became the subject of a public tug of love between TV star Ulrika and his live-in lover, lawyer Nancy Dell'Olio.

The football coach, who has refused to comment on his affair with 34-year-old Ulrika, faced further embarrassment yesterday after his new lover turned up at the same football match as him.

Ulrika, wearing sunglasses and a dark grey jumper, was in the crowd with friends, including TV host Angus Deayton, at the Chelsea v Manchester United match at Stamford Bridge in London.

Sven, 53, was elsewhere in the ground, accompanied by Rangers director of football Dick Advocaat.

The couple squirmed as chants from the home fans teased them.

Meanwhile, fiery Italian Nancy, Sven's lover for the past three years, showed she wouldn't give up her man without a fight.

Nancy, 37, dismissed Ulrika, who has a history of failed relationships, as a "poor girl" and insisted she was staying with Sven.

But mum Gun, 55, insisted: "They are happy together. I think they have a future together. I know that they have met - we have been talking about Sven Goran.

"I haven't met Sven Goran myself."

Asked what Ulrika had said about the England manager and whether they were happy together, she replied: "Yes, they have been happy together - they have been enjoying each other's company very much. But I haven't spoken with my daughter today so I can't tell you anything else about the subject."

She added: "It would be great if they could get it to work together."

Meanwhile, Sven's mum, Ulla Eriksson, would only say: "The boy is over 50 years. You can teach children to walk but you can't tell them what road to take."

Ulrika, whose passion for Sven is only equalled by her love for ice cream, was introduced to her fellow Swede at a party in December by Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell.

Details have emerged of secret meetings and intimate phone calls between the pair.

Normally ice-cool Sven blushed as he was questioned on his way to yesterday's match. Afterwards, he returned grim-faced to the pounds 2million London house he shares with Nancy and refused to answer questions about Ulrika's presence at the game.

But while Sven was watching the football, Nancy, who left her lawyer husband for him, spoke through the intercom at their home.

Sounding upbeat, she said: "We are talking together.

"It's the facts we are talking about. I don't want to talk. Sven says the same as me." On his return, Nancy again used the intercom to blast claims that he was set to leave her for Ulrika.

Asked about Ulrika's appearance at the match, where she sat only yards from Sven, Nancy said. "I don't know, and I don't care.

"I'm with my man, leave us alone, we're having lunch."

Ulrika's decision to attend the match came as she pleaded to be left alone by journalists.

She has stoked rumours of previous romances - even hinting to chat-show host Frank Skinner that she and Prince Edward had been lovers when they dated 15 years ago.

Ulrika's past conquests read like a sport and showbiz Who's Who. Her flings have included media mogul Chris Evans, comic Vic Reeves, and Gladiator Hunter.

Her most disastrous romance was with former England striker Stan Collymore, who attacked her in a Paris pub in front of stunned Tartan Army fans during the 1998 World Cup.

Cynthia McVey, the psychologist who appeared on the BBC's Castaway project, said of the Sven-Ulrika pairing: "Men look for signs of good health in women - beauty, good eyes, long hair.

"Women are more likely to be attracted to power in men If a man is powerful and small and bald and ugly - not that Sven is - he can still be seen as attractive."

She added: "Some people can be bad at choosing partners. They choose the wrong type of person and find it difficult to get out of that spiral.

"They can make the same mistakes over and over again."

Ulrika's romances with non-celebrity partners have also not worked out.

She married cameraman John Turnbull in 1990 and had a son, Cameron.

She had a second daughter, Bo, with businessman Markus Kempen, but he left her days after Bo was born.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Apr 21, 2002
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