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ULRICH CZAPSKI: 1925-2018.

University at Albany, State University of New York (UAlbany), Emeritus Professor Ulrich Czapski died on April 12,2018, at his home in Voorheesville, New York, of natural causes. Czapski retired in 1994 from the UAlbany Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences (known as the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Science when he was hired), where he taught for 30 years.

Ulrich was born in Munich, Germany, on July 15,1925, and grew up in Berlin, where he attended Gymnasium. He attended the Humboldt University as a student of Julius Bartels and Hans Ertel until the end of World War II. After a year of study in Zurich and Basel, he enrolled in Hamburg University under Paul Raethyen and spent a year at Stockholm University working with Carl G. Rossby as advisor for his doctoral dissertation from Hamburg in 1953.

Ulrich married Renate K. Leitl in 1954 in Berlin. After spending a year with Askania Werke Company in Berlin, Czapski was hired by Seismos Hanover, with whom he worked as a seismologist in the Amazon River basin in Brazil prospecting for oil in 1957-58. Another year was spent in Cairo, Egypt, studying water quality, which was followed by a year in 1959 with the World Meteorological Organization in Pakistan, where he helped develop instruments for the meteorological service of that country.

During 1962-64, Ulrich was a researcher at London Imperial College of Science in London, England, and in 1964 he joined the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Science at UAlbany. Czapski's research and teaching were in the fields of micrometeorology and atmospheric physics. He taught graduate and undergraduate courses in atmospheric physics, atmospheric transfer processes, and hydrometeorology.

In 1966, Ulrich received an NSF grant to study the flow of particles in a heated chamber. He converted the turbulence of the Lagrangian flow patterns that he photographed to an Eule- Ulrich Czapski rian turbulence spectrum. With his student Ulrich Lemin, Czapski studied the heat flow patterns of thermal emissions from nuclear power plants on Lake Ontario.

During 1976-79, Czapski and S. T. Rao studied the pattern of dispersal of pollutants released by motor vehicles along the Long Island Expressway, the first major field investigation of fine particulate matter and gaseous pollutants near major highways. This research was funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Highway Administration, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, and New York State Department of Transportation.

Ulrich is survived by his wife, Renate, and son, Marc.

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