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UL Develops Standard For Plastic Pallets.

A new standard for plastic storage pallets has been issued by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Inc., Northbrook, Ill. the new UL 2335 standard was created to classify plastic pallets to meet requirements of the recently revised National Fire Protection Association standard NFPA 13. That change allows plastic pallets to be treated like wood pallets if test data indicate that the burning characteristics of the plastic pallets are equal to or better than wood.

UL 2335 consists of two fire-performance tests: an idle pallet storage test and a commodity storage test. The idle pallet test involves burning six 12-ft-high stacks of pallets beneath a sprinklered ceiling. Test parameters are the number of sprinklers activated, stack stability, time for fire to extend to the end of the array, and maximum temperature of a steel beam over the fire. The commodity storage test uses a calorimeter to measure heat release from burning pallets loaded with Class II commodities such as bottles of non-flammable liquids or non-combustible foods stored in paper or wooden containers.

UL has already tested wood pallets to obtain baseline data for comparison with plastic pallets. UL also offers a small-scale pre-test to assist manufacturers in evaluating plastic pallets before committing to the more costly UL 2335 program. The pre-test uses pallet raw material-including pellets or regrind-and a small cone calorimeter. For more information, contact Joe Hirschmugl at UL (847) 664-1508.
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Date:Aug 1, 2001
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